Do you want to marry Rakhi Sawant?

Today, I am going to share good news with all Rakhi Swant fans and people who want to marry her. I am not joking because Rakhi Sawant is coming on NDTV Imagine’s reality show “Rakhi Ka Swayamber”. With the help of this reality show, Rakhi will select a life partner for her. During media introduction of this show and Rakhi Swant, Rakhi told people media that this is a not publicity stunt and she is very serious about finding her husband with the help of this show.

Rakhi also defined qualities of her life partner which she would like to see in him. Rakhi said that her life partner should a truthful person like her, he should a bold person, he may not a rich person but he should have a beautiful heart, he may not have six pack abs but he should not be fat man, he should be a good looking etc. This show is also another first on Indian TV channel from Rakhi Swant.

This show will be made on the pattern of realty show and participants will be required to clear different levels and top successful participant will get chance to marry Rakhi Swant. Some people are referring this Swayamber as Kalyug ka Swayamber, however, with this show Rakhi Sawant is again able to attract lot of attention towards her. Soon more details about this show will be available on NDTV Imagine, therefore, people who want to take part in this show are required to watch NDTV regularly.

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