Need of Stable and Strong next government in India

It is very important for all Indians to give their votes for a party and leader who can make our country more strong and stable. India is already facing lots of internal and external threats and our next government is required to have some solid stand on these issues. In recent times, India has become prime target of terrorist threats and disability in neighbouring countries is making this situation even worst. So far past Indian governments have failed in doing anything concrete on these issues.

It is right of every Indian to live freely and fearlessly inside India; however, various bomb explosions and terrorists attacks are taking these rights away from people. After security, growth is next big issue because large numbers of Indian cities and states still need lots of development. In past few years, India has seen a significant growth; however, most of this growth is unparallel. Large part of this growth is only restricted to few big cities and towns, therefore, leaving other people as such.

It is very sad to learn that lots of villages in India still do not have electricity. We need to follow the growth story of telecom sector which has tremendously increased Tele-density in India by making telephone an essential and ordinary thing. If our next government succeeds in spreading growth to other undeveloped parts of India then numbers of problems and issues like migration of people, unemployment etc will die automatically. It is important for people to think about their country before voting and not voting on the grounds of caste and religion.

In next few days, people of India will get a golden opportunity to choose their next government. After these elections, next option to replace government will only be available in front of people after next five years; therefore, it is very important to make a wise voting decision in favour of our nation.

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