When marriage becomes a suicide

Today, we live in a highly complex world where different people have different expectations from each others. People are starving for happiness, praise and acceptance from others or in other worlds we can say that our dependence on others have increased very much. Marriage is also one such complex relation where two different people comes together to share their rest of life together. However, due to increased levels of expectations among both husbands and wives, it has become very difficult for them to manage this relation smoothly.

Mostly when these expectations fail then they lead towards big problems and conflicts in married life. Many times, these problems and conflicts do take the shape of suicides. We can confirm this fact by comparing it with increasing numbers of suicide cases of married people. Today, it has become common matter to find numbers of such suicide news in news paper on daily basis. In most of cases, these people commit suicide because they find it hard to manage their married life successfully. It is important for all of us to understand that successful marriage requires understanding and planning on numbers of parts from both husband and wife.

It is not possible for husband or wife alone to save marriage, only good efforts from both partners can do the trick. Moreover, it is also important to take marriage decision with care after considering all expectations and requirement from partners because initial compromises at the time of marriage can lead to major problems later in married life. Overall, It is sad to see that a good relationship like marriage can take a person towards suicide.

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