Increasing cases of cancer in India

I do not know that how many people in India have knowledge about this increasing trend of cancer in India. In last decade numbers of cancer cases have increased significantly and in some sub forms of cancer India actually top the chart. Intensity of this problem can be easily understood from few of these headlines published in various papers in India.

Two Out of Five Cancer Cases in India Due to Tobacco
India: Alarming increase in cancer cases in textile hub
Breast Cancer Cases Rise by 100% in Urban India
Breast cancer cases on rise - Express India
Alarming increase in cancer cases in TN textile hub

These are just few of headlines which are published recently and from these headlines we can easily access the magnitude of this problem. Many researchers believe that change in life style of Indians is contributing mainly in the increase of this problem. Present life style of people is full of junk food, lack of exercise and stress. All these factors lead to the increase in free radicals in body which ultimately increase chances of body acquiring cancer.

Though, there are numbers of other reasons also which do contribute in cancer like exposure to some radiation, drug etc; however, present life lifestyle is main culprit as per most of scientists. It is possible for people to reduce chances of cancer up to 30 to 70 % by opting healthy life style. Healthy Life style include eating healthy food full of all nutritional elements like vegetable, cereals, fruits, wheat etc and doing regular exercise and meditation. In various independent studies, it is proved scientifically that chance of cancer decreases significantly with healthy life style.

However, in the present fast life style very less number of people get chance for living a healthy life. It is very important for all of us to understand that cancer is one of deadly diseases present in our world and it mostly gives no initial warning to people. Present trends of cancer in India only suggest that we all Indian are required to opt a cautious approach on this problem and start living a healthy life style.

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