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Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 4

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These are fourth and last predictions cum opinion polls for Loksabha Election 2009 before the start of elections. People can read about earlier predictions by visiting Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 3. 2009 Loksabha Elections are starting from 16 April. In last few weeks, we have seen some ups and downs in political alliances and political waves. BJP first time looks to be gaining slightly and there are good chances that BJP will emerge as biggest political party after Loksabha Election. On the other hand, Congress looks to be slightly losing its ground and Congress may fail in getting more than 150 seats this time. First time, it also looks that NDA will get more seats than present UPA (minus parties like SP, LSP, RJD). However, there is advantage in the hands of Congress that it is likely to get support of SP, LSP, RJD and Left parties which are likely to get 70 Plus seats. Therefore, overall Congress looks in strong position to make next government, however, one thing is clear that UPA will become weak as compared to 2004 Loksabha Elections. BJP can only think about next government at centre if it succeeds in winning more than 170 seats on its own which it can win if everything goes in its favour. After election, NDA can look for the support of other regional parties like TDP, AIDMK and BSP. This time small waves can make or break the hopes of a particular alliance because competition is very fierce between these parties and Indian politics have become very complex due to presence of large numbers of regional political parties. Also visit- Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) 2, Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

State Totalseats Congress BJP Others

AP 42 22 1 14 (TDP) 4 (TRS) 1 Oths
Assam 14 3 5 4 (AJP) 2 Oths
Bihar 37 1 9 16 JD(U) 3 LJP 8 RJD
Chhattisgarh 11 3 8 0
Delhi 7 4 3 0
Gujarat 26 7 19
Goa 2 1 1
Haryana 10 3 2 4 (INL) 1 Oth
HP 4 1 3
J&K 6 1 1 3 (NC) 1 (PDP)
Jharkhand 14 3 8 3 Oths
Karnataka 28 8 18 2 JD(S)
Kerala 20 12 0 8 (Left)
Rajasthan 25 15 10
MP 29 6 23
Maharashtra 48 15 10 13 (SS) 10 (NCP)
North-East 11 4 0 2 (NCP) 5 (Oths)
Orissa 21 8 5 8 (BJD)
Punjab 13 3 3 7 (Akali Dal)
Tamilnadu 39 4 0 15 (AIDMK) 5 (PMK) 12 (DMK) 3 (MDMK)
UP 80 7 24 23 (SP) 22 (BSP) 4 OTHs
Uttarakhand 5 2 3
UTs 6 3 0 3 Oths
West Bengal 42 8 0 24 (left) 10(TC)

Disclaimer: These predictions are clearly based on data and information gathered by author from his resources. Author is not currently member of any political party in India. Author also tries to provide information in unbiased manner not favouring or disapproving any political party. People are advised to vote freely without getting influenced by these predictions.

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