Where women are equivalent to animals, it is Talibani justice

Today, Swat area of Pakistan is becoming a worst part of world to live for women. Though, this area comes under Pakistan, however, Taliban is governing it because in a recent agreement with Taliban for peace government of Pakistan has allowed Taliban to govern this area and impose their rules. Swat region has clearly become symbol of present Taliban rule not in Afghanistan but in Swat Area of Pakistan.

Swat area is situated on the boarder of Afghanistan and large numbers of Taliban fighter rushed into this area when NATO forces liberated Afghanistan from the hands of Taliban. Now Taliban has made Swat as their new home and they are implementing their own rules in this area irrespective of rules of Pakistan as seen in Afghanistan few years back. One of such controversial rule of Taliban is to beat/stone/kill people in open for committing crimes as per their rule.

Below, people can also watch one such horrifying video which highlights cruelty of Taliban against women. In this video a 17 year old young girl is beaten by Taliban in open because she went out with a stranger. As per Taliban laws, it is crime for any women to move out of their homes with strangers and they can only move out of their home with their relatives. The video available is very horrifying and we can clearly listen to screaming of girl.

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