Use of Media and Loksabha Election 2009

In the present world; it is very difficult to visualize any big campaign without the participation of media. In recent times, Indian media has become very strong, thanks to the availability of various TV channels, news papers and electronic media. With the help of media, it has become much easier for leaders and political parties to reach ordinary people and convey their thoughts to them. Therefore, all political parties in India are using media in a big way to easily reach large numbers of voters.

As the election time is coming near, we are seeing more and more use of media by political leaders and parties. Media is also helping people by covering maximum events related to Loksabha Election 2009. Media is helping people in learning more about their leaders, about their past and about any criminal charges against them. Therefore, today’s voter has become more informed about their leaders and their motives. Overall, this increased use of media is very good for people because they can now easily make informed decisions.

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