Will L K Advani become next Prime Minister of India?

BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is first political party in India to project their Prime Ministerial candidate much ahead of other political parties. BJP not only projected L K Advani as its Prime Ministerial candidate but they also started promoting him as ideal Prime Minster for India by launching a website dedicated to him and his achievements. BJP is also using all kinds of high tech methods available in India to popularise L K Advani and other Local candidates for Loksabha Elections.

BJP is getting help of hundreds of bloggers knows as bloggers for Advani to promote Advani and BJP. In numbers of states BJP is also getting help of sms campaigns. Hopefully, BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate will get benefit of these campaigns in present elections. Other political parties of India are not as aggressive as BJP in promoting their Prime Ministerial candidates online, therefore providing some edge for BJP. L K Advani is one of the most influential and popular leader in Indian politics, however, he also lack same support of society once enjoyed by earlier Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP and Ex-Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The main problem which L K Advani is presently facing is that many people believe him as pro Hindu leader and not a leader representing all societies of India. L K Advani is very famous for his Rath Yatra and his commitment to construct Ram Temple. Therefore, BJP is likely to get good support from Hindi speaking states then states where other communities have hold. L K Advani’s dream of becoming prime minister of India also largely dependents of results of two big states of India Utter Pradesh and Bihar which represent 120 seats in Loksabha Election. At present, BJP is likely to do well in Bihar, however, it is still struggling to get major ground in UP.

Moreover, BJP has also failed in making any good show in states like West Bangal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala which have 144 seats in Loksabha. Therefore, BJP has only become dependent on few states where it has either its own governments or part of some alliance. Recently, BJD has also given big jolt to BJP when it decided to break 11 year old alliance with BJP in Orissa. This Break up of BJP and BJD in Orissa is likely to weaken both these parties in state and helping Congress in making a comeback.

However, BJP is likely to get benefit of anger against UPA government, as large numbers of people who are not satisfied with UPA government are likely to vote for BJP and NDA. At the end, it looks that L K Advani has good chances of becoming next Prime Minister of India; however, his path is not going to smooth one.

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