Indian Women are more obese than Indian Men

Recently, I found amazing facts from National Family Health Survey (NFHS) that Indian women are more obese than Indian men. Moreover, as per the NFHS data there is not a single state in India where more number of men are obese than women. Only Tripura is one state where this difference is small of .1% (in Tripura number of obese male 5.2% number of obese female 5.3%), while in rest of states this difference is very significant.

Whereas Punjab tops overall obese people chart with 30.3% obese male and 37.5% obese female. Overall, India results are 12.1% obese male and 16% obese female. From this data, we can clearly conclude that women are more obese than men in India. In recent years obesity has increased significantly in India and it looks that this trend has affected Indian women more than Indian men.

It is difficult to define exact reason between this trend and why Indian women are more obese than Indian men, however, it looks that Indian women are enjoying life more comfortably than Indian men because comfortable life is mostly associated with obesity. Overall, this is not a good sign for health conscious women because chances of numbers of health related problems increases significantly with the increase in obesity.
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