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Good Music is Good for health

Now we have many studies which suggest that good music is good for our health. People can easily feel calm by listening to good music. Thanks to the availability of so many music instruments, it is possible to create a good music. People can visit many websites to buy all important accessories for music instruments. Music can only we wonderful when we hear music at its best quality. Today, we are lucky to get higher sound quality tracks of music which were not available for the people few years back. It is hard to find a person who doesn't want good health, all such people can start hearing good music to increase chances of good health. Buddhist has found this secret very earlier and they use music to treat many illnesses. Music is available to every person and we all can take refuge in good music for help.

Doing what you want to do is not easy?

We can find a million of people in the world who want to do something, but they are doing something else because they need to earn their daily living. This is the  biggest reality of this world where we all have become slaves of money. The daily need of money remains so high that we keep on working to make our life comfortable. Most of people work very hard for a complete day, but they still don't have enough money at the end of the day to buy all essential things. This story continues for whole life and people never get a chance to live a life which they always wanted to live. Today, we have become so much dependable on money that money dominates us in everywhere. Even our happiness has become linked to money, we start believing that money is everything. 

Leaving unwanted people behind

We waste a lot of time of our life by thinking about people who don't think about us in the same manner. Sometimes, we keep on thinking for years for them and in return we get nothing. They never respond back to us in the same manner as we feel about them. After sometime , we realize that we wasted valuable time of our life for unwanted people. If you want that such situation do not come into your life, then it is better to leave such people behind and do not think about them. It is better to treat people as they treat us. The main thing in life is to have peace of mind. Thinking about others will not stop them from behaving in a wrong manner; therefore, it is good to leave such people behind and free our minds also from their thoughts. 

We all need a Healthy Relationship to survive

We humans are very social in nature and therefore, it is not easy for us to live alone for a long time. To solve, this problem we make relationships in this world so that we can enjoy the company of people. However, there is a problem associated with these relationships when they are not positive or healthy. Such relationship makes us weak and absorbs our vital life energy from our body. It is quite better to leave such relationships than to remain in them for a long time. Healthy relationships are good and positive and they help us to grow and survive in this world. It is important to make good relationships in life, but it is also good to avoid bad relationships because they are good for us. 

How someone can steal your ATM Pin in few seconds?

Here is a very informative video which highlights that how easily someone can steal our ATM PIN number through infra red sensors attached to iphone . Such kind of thefts has become very common throughout the world. This video also tells a method to secure yourself from such trap. By taking a few precautions, people can secure themselves against such frauds.

Don't show your weakness to Others?

To live a happy life and succeed in life, it is very important to not show your weakness to others because when others will get an idea of your weakness then they will only exploit it. We live in a very cruel world where people can go to any extent to fulfill their self ego. It is important to make yourself strong because when you are strong then no one gets an opportunity to hurt you. It is a common story of weak people in this world. People come to know about their weaknesses and then, they start exploiting it. Due to their weaknesses, people become forced to do what others want. In this way, there life becomes a prison for them. Therefore, if you don't want that this should not happen to you then you should not tell your weakness to anyone else. 

Live your life as you want to Live

To enjoy life fully, it is very important for everyone to live their life as they want to live. Mostly, we see people living a life which is sold to them from childhood. We are made to think and believe that by living life in a certain way, we can be happy and successful. Therefore, we mass movements of people in the same direction to find happiness in life. Does anyone can find happiness in life by moving on the path decided by others? The answer is No, because real happiness is unique for everyone. We all are required to find our own happiness. Overall, it is long individual search which we alone can travel to find happiness. When we live life as we want to live then we surely become closer to finding happiness in life. 

Making your wedding day Best

It is the dream of every person getting married to make his or her wedding the best because they are going to remember this moment for whole life. Therefore, every person looks for all options to make his wedding unique and beautiful. Today, people can search for many options to increase the beauty of the place where are getting married. It is important to make every choice with proper care because a single wrong choice can destroy the whole party. People can make good choices like wedding aisle runners - burlap to increase the beauty of the place used for marriage in a natural way. In this way, every good choice makes the wedding function perfect and people keep good memories of the event with them for centuries. The successful completion of events like marriage gives satisfaction to everyone. 

Life, a little Opportunity

Life knocks, the door of an every person as a little opportunity to make best out of it. Life is a kind of opportunity which doesn't come back if it is missed ones; therefore, it is very important to make the right decisions at the right time. But, unfortunately large numbers of people don't have much in their hands, thus they have only option to accept what life offers to them. This is the story of millions of people in this world who have failed in the hands life and never got a chance to change their fate. However, we can't put the whole blame on the life because many people don't have courage to take bold decisions. We all have some control our life at some point in time but due to our limited ability of thinking we miss fail to make right decisions. Many things which appeared right to you at an initial stage of life actually become your worst dreams. The good point about life is that despite giving all the bad things, it still provide some valuable things with

Suffering in the name of Relationships

At some time, we all look for new relationships in life and we have great expectations from them; however, for many people,  these relationships don't go the way as they had expected. This outcome makes many people sad in life and people become again alone despite having relationships. In such situation, the person wants to run away from these relationships to a new place where he can leave peacefully. It is easy to expect from others in relationships; however, no one can predict what he or she will get back in return. Sometimes, the situations can go worse with nothing going the way as we expected. In such situations, the person feels himself in a bigger mess and wants to break such false one sided relationships. There is always a limit to one's power to suffer and at some point every person breaks away. Under such situation, it is better to be out of a relationship which makes you weak and takes away your peace. Though, many people don't have enough mental power to t

It is a great to get appreciated when people love your work

Though, it is not right to always look for apprications or depend on appreciations; however, in reality we all like to get appreciated for our work. Recently, I created a picture and started selling it on Initially, I was worried that people will like my idea or not. I put all efforts to make this book as good as possible; therefore, I was quite confident. For the first few months, I didn't get any response, but this week I got first appreciation when a buyer of my book gave my book 5 out of 5 rating. With this my confidence in my book has increased many times and I will create more such books in the future. I love photography, I never miss an opportunity to capture the best pictures of the nature. By creating a book of the best pictures, you give a permanent life to your book. I have got few more interesting pictures of flowers and I hope to make a next edition of this book shortly. 

It is a Hard Task to Keep your Child Busy

When you become a parent, then you learn so many new things. The biggest problem you face is that how to keep your child busy because by doing so you steal some time for yourself. Most children in the age of 2 to 5 always try to get your attention and follow you. Due to this reason, you sometimes find it hard to get time for yourself. Children mostly love hungry and they like to stay more with the parent who makes them comfortable more. To solve this problem, we can find some methods to keep children busy with games or other educational stuff. When children are busy then they don't look for you or follow. By doing so, you get a free time for yourself to do important work. When experience, we come to learn what engages children and what they like? Today, we can find many useful applications and educational toys which engage children and increase their mental ability. In this way, you get double advantage, first you increase mental ability of your child second you get time for yours

Dance Fun

We all know this fact that there exists a great fun in dance; therefore, dance is present in every culture of the world. It is believed that dance came into existence when people wanted to express their happiness. Recently, I got a chance to dance at a dance event during the marriage of a relative. The event organizers managed the dance program very well and we all enjoyed it very much. The main attraction of the program was fog machine. Today, people can buy best fog machine at many online websites and make their dance events a great success. Today, we can find many such solutions to enjoy dance events in a great way. A good dance event is remembered by large numbers of people for a long time; therefore, it is important to make every effort to make it best dance event.

Worrying is Totally a Waste of Time

When I look back at the life spent so far, then I find how I wasted many useful moments of life because of unnecessary worrying habit. This is a common story of many people like me. We all waste a good portion of our lives by worrying about unnecessary things which never happens at all. Though, at that time, such situations look very real and negative; however, with time we either find solutions for these problems or time heals everything. However, no one can be back the time wasted in worrying. We only regret for our worrying habit when it is too late doing anything. Worrying not only wastes our health, but it also destroys our mental and physical health. To leave the habit of worrying, we need to work on making our thinking positive and refined. Instead of wasting time on worries, it is better to look for the solutions and do things which can help us to reduce worries. In general, life is difficult and it is difficult because of unsupportive surrounding. Sooner or later, we need to

Your Success depends on How you manage your Time?

It is a dream of almost every person in this world that he wants to achieve great success in life. However, the actual numbers of people who become successful is much less than people who aspires to be successful. Why there is this difference? Does every person, not deserve to be a successful person?  The answer lies in your own life and how you manage your time. If you manage your time well then you are successful already; otherwise, you are just a failed human being. Everyone likes and respect successful people because in them, they see extraordinary people. To become successful, we need to devote our time wisely. Successful people know very well to respect time and utilize it in the best possible way. Whereas people who fail, they generally mismanage their time by wasting a lot of useful time in day dreaming about important things. In general, life is very short and we only have 24 hours in the day to achieve whatever we want to achieve. No person in this world has the power to

It is Time of Social Media

Today, it will not be wrong to say that we live in a social media world. For many people life is nothing without a presence on social media. Major social media networks like facebook, google plus remain active latest posts by people. Mobile social media platforms like whatsapp have added mobile users to this race too. Today, somehow everyone is on social media and engaging large numbers of people. Not only social media networks are good for socializing; they are also good for sharing the news. The news spreads like fire on social media networks with people passing on relevant information to others. Over most of such tools, governments have no control, thus Home minister of India looks to be agitated over this. However, I call it freedom of people and speech of common man. Thanks to social media, I came across so many information and real stories which are not available easily. Though some people also use social media networks for wrong things, but it doesn't give any power to gov

Increase your wealth with Adsense

Google started its Adsense program 10 years back for website owners to monetize their websites. Today, this program has become a big hit and it is serving millions of web owners from hundreds of countries. Today, it is not an easy task to get approved by Google Adsense. I joined the Google Adsense eight years back, then it was not so difficult to join it. Today, due to the increase in applications from the wrong people, google has made approval process difficult. Even, If you get approved, then it is not very easy to get paid. To get paid well from Google, you need good numbers of visitors on your website. To attract good numbers of visitors, you need good quality and engaging content on your website. With good and hard efforts, you can make your website a success. However, it takes time; therefore, you need good patience. Moreover, you are required to remain away from wrong methods and techniques to attract visitors to your sites because Google can ban you such wrong activities. Othe

Shift from Old Big Tube TVs to Slim LED TVs

Slowly, we are seeing a shift in India from old fashioned and bulky Tube based TV sets to Smart and Slim LED TVs. All these LED TVs come with wall mount feature; therefore by changing old TVs sets with LED Tvs one can free lots of space in a run. Today, we already know that how difficult it is buy land for home; due to this reason size of rooms is decreasing. Slim LED TVs fit very well in such rooms and allow space for other important things. These LED TVs are also much smarter as compared to older versions of TVs and people can perform many actions like live play of shows from internet or plug and play with USB device. Such Smart TVs don't need the help of DVD players to play moves alone, because these TVs can attach to many devices and USB. Today, it is near to impossible to find Old Tube based TVs sets in the market in all major towns of India. Soon LED TVs are going to completely replace older versions of TV sets from India. Due to competition, prices of LED are decreasing con

Story of Grand Mother's Beautiful Trunk

Today, I am going to share with you the story of the fight for the beautiful wooden trunk of my Grand Mother. Four years back, my grandmother died and left behind a beautiful wooden storage trunk. The attraction of the trunk was great hand work on it. Today, it is impossible to find such beautiful trunks with great artwork on it. Therefore, many people in the family started fighting to take hold of this trunk. The fight has become so strong that all members involved in the fight stopped talking to each other. By seeing the situation going bad, it was decided by the elders of the family that no one will get a trunk for now. Even after one year of this fight, this trunk is still a matter of contention between  family members. There are still possibilities that this fight might resume anytime in near future. However, I hope that with time we will get a cool solution for this problem  without hurting anyone. 

Get Universal Opportunities at Your Door with Internet

Recently, I got few of graphic assignments from international market and got paid through Paypal and direct bank transfer. Though this was not the first time when I worked for someone living in another part of one; however, it was special as there was no mediator in this job. I directly got the job from the person in need living thousands of kms away. Thanks to fast mobile apps like whatsapp I communicated very fast with him. Thanks to internet for bringing people closer and allow us to use our talent in a better way. Now all talented people can hope to get a good price for their work by sharing their talent with a wider audience. Today we can already find millions of people for sharing their work with the help of internet. Though, it is also easy that it is not very easy to find right work opportunities online because there are many false offers waiting to trap you. Some of such offers look very attractive initially and promise people make good money with small online work. However,

Rush of Life

Have you ever stood at crossing and saw the people rushing here and there? If yes, then you must have noticed a mad race where large numbers of rushing fast to reach their destinations. Sometimes, we also observe accidents due to this fast moments of vehicles and two-wheelers. Today, the whole of the world is becoming a part of the rush of life where people madly rushing here and there. With the increase in inflation and selfishness in people, we all are required to work harder and achieve more fulfilling the needs of our family. The whole of the world is becoming a market where people's emotions are sold and they are made to become part of the mad rush. Due to this mad rush, people forget about the real joy of life and start to live a robotic life which was forced on them by rich people and corrupt governments. The bad things about this race is that no one can reach anywhere by following this madness. To see the true beauty of life, we are required to separate ourselves from thi

My Old hunting Dog

Many years back, we used to have a hunting dog in our village and he always accompanies my grandfather on his hunting ventures. He was a very brave dog and few times, he had a direct fight with a leopard. We use to wear a collar on his neck to save him from the leopard. We have a set of few hunting dog collars. Today, no one lives at village home and the dog died years back but the wonderful moments shared with him are still alive in my life. With the ban on hundting , now people don't have hunting dogs at home. But still they are my favorite and I love them for their activeness and power. I do plan to have a hunting dog when I start living in viallge may be after some years and will refresh some of good memoires of past.

Beautiful Life and Ugly People

Life is always beautiful and no matter what kind of situation may be, it always remains beautiful. However, the bad part is this that life full of many ugly people who try to steal your beautiful life from you. A beautiful person never tries to steal others life; however, he adds more wings and beauty to others life. Life becomes good when we meet beautiful people; however, it starts to become bad when we meet ugly people. We meet these ugly people everywhere, they are like living demons on the earth. These ugly people lack sympathy for others and only think about themselves. If we think that these ugly people can become beautiful people, then we are making a big mistake because these people are not ugly because of their bad faces but they are ugly because of their ugly hearts. 

Does the Government want to Curb Electronic Media?

Yesterday Indian Home minister gave this statement that he wants to curb electronic media; though today he made a U-turn by saying that he was referring to social media. It is shocking that the home minister of a free and democratic country thinks this way. Electronic media and social networking tools have helped millions of Indians to express their view freely. Thanks to electronic media, we now get many useful and true information with ease. A few decades back, the media was in full control of government; however electronic media breaks all barriers and make it use to share news. However, the government doesn't want that people should know the news or talks which reveal failures of government because elections are very near and it can universally effect prospectives of government. In the last decade, the media and especially electronic media have become very strong in India. Thanks to smart phones and small computing devices, electronic media is now touching more numbers of peop

Surprise your love with a Beautiful Ring

Every woman on this planet loves beautiful rings and we can find many varieties of rings around the world. Some of the rings like diamond rings and platinum rings are very popular. There are many brands of jewelry which make great rings and people love to buy their rings. One of such option is Reeds, people love to buy Reeds wedding rings. Today, it is very easy to buy jewelry because of online shopping. People can easily select and buy attractive jewelry online. Today, jewelry shops are not only option present with people to buy jewelry of their choice. The other good advantage of buying jewelry online is huge variety of stylish designs on online stores. People can also look for great discounts and offers on online shopping. In this way, people can surprise their love very easily by buying a beautiful ring for her. 

Watch and Listen to Official song Highway Movie (Patakha Guddi)

There is one new Hindi song which has become very hit these days due to Sufiana tough, great voice and great music. This song is "Patakha Guddi by Nooran sister from Movie "Highway" and the music of this song is given by legendary music composer A R Rehman. This song is appealing a wide audience and people are loving it. It is nice to hear such beautiful songs these days. Music of song increasing its attraction many times. I have added this song below, I hope that you will also enjoy this song like me.

Who will Win Loksabha (Parliamentary) Election 2014 in India? (Opinion/Exit Poll)

Finally, it is time for Loksabha (parliamentary) election in India. Loksabha election is biggest elections in India and the world because through this election billion plus population of India chooses their new government. Due to the inovelemnt of so many people and huge geographical area, it remains a hard task for Election commission of India to conduit free and fair elections. India is a country of multi-party politics where there is no restriction of forming a new party and due to this reason Indian politics become very dramatic and challenging. From last two decades, we are seeing multi-party/ coalition governments in India. For the last ten years, Congress lead UPA alliance is in power at the center.  This time fight is very tough for Congress as it is facing strong anti-incumbency due to some of unpopular steps it took in last five years. The biggest worry for common people of India is increasing prices of common goods because due to high rise in prices of essential items f

Every Person is Interested in his own Dreams

In life, we learn many hard things as we grow old and one of such hard thing is to learn that people are only interested in their own dreams and no one cares for your dreams. Some people even become so selfish that they try to destroy your dreams for completing their dreams. Due to this reason, we see large numbers of people refer the whole world as a selfish world. It is strange that people want something else when it matters to them and when it is about others then they totally change their prospective. Moreover, it is the story of every person, we all are selfish from inside. The main problem comes into effect when people become extremely selfish and even make it difficult for the other person to live comfortably. On stage, it is better to revolt than suffer because otherwise it will only affect your health. The world will always remain selfish and it is wrong to consider that selfish person will leave their selfishness for us. So we need to change our actions to fight selfishness

GIMP is Great Alternative Photoshop

I do like photoshop because of its great features; however, the major disadvantage with it is its higher cost. For users like me who use photoshop sparingly it is not worth full to spend so much money. So I looked for a solution and found it in the form of GIMP because it is a great and free photo editing tool available. This software is so good at editing and manipulating digital images that many professional choose it over photoshop. If any person who wants a good and professional software for photo editing, but he can't afford photoshop then he should check GIMP. At a first look, GIMP looks a very difficult and heavy software; however, when one uses in regularly, then it becomes very easy with time to operate it. The other good advantage with GIMP is the availability of large numbers of written and video tutorials related to GIMP. Users are simply required to Google keywords for which they need information for GIMP and soon, they get all information. 

Wireless Technology can make your life very simple and Easy

Thanks to wireless technology, we are able to do many tasks with ease. Today, wireless technology is used in every sphere of life and it is allowing us to communicate faster. Soon, 4G is going to become a reality across India, though it is already running successfully in some big cities of India. Not only in mobile technology, wireless technology is helping in many ways. Many devices and gadgets are available in market which allow us to connect various things together. It is always a hard and expensive task to lay wires and it costs further to maintain these wires. With advancement in wireless technology, it is very easy to cover many parts at an affordable cost. The future belongs to wireless technology and there is huge potential in using this technology. I hope that the government will realize this potential and work in the direction to increase the use of wireless technology in all walks of life. 

Do Online Shopping Products a Relief from MRP?

It is very common to find such advertisements on various online stores which says that freedom from MRP. The meaning of these offers is that you can buy products at great discounts on such online stores. Now the biggest question is that what they are saying is true or not? To a large extent, it is true because such sites are offering good discounts on products. I buy many products online because there is a good difference in price. Sometimes, you can save up to 20% on many products as compared to their prices in the local stores. Therefore, it is always beneficial to check prices online before buying a product. Many new sites give very attractive offers to attract new customers and with these offers, you can make a big saving on your purchase. I always buy diapers for my two years old son online because of good price differences in local market and online stores. Though, I don't recommend buying everything online because many times we get great offers on local stores too. For smar

Your 99.9% Worries never become Reality

The good point about all of our worries is that 99.9% of them never meet reality. It is our mind which tells us to worry about every unknown thing and sometimes, it's become a habit of person to worry about everything. The big bad point about worrying is that worrying wastes our mental energy and time. Therefore, we need to learn that worrying is only a waste of time and instead of worrying we should focus on work or solutions of problems. When people worry a lot, then worry enters their habitual pattern and such people worry about everything. This kind of habit, we can find in many people. It is important for people to stop worrying if they want to give 100% to important works and enjoy their life fully. The constant habit of worrying can cause people to suffer from mental and physical problems and level of such problems can increase many times with an increase in worrying habit of people. So to enjoy a good life, you should stop worrying about unnecessary things and concentrate

Excitement of Working on Mac

Today, I am very excited because I will start working on my new Mac device which is the Mac mini. So far, I never thought about giving a try to Mac operated devices because I was comfortable with window based products. However, recently I decided to venture in to applications for Apple stores. Now to create applications for the apple store you need an Apple device which operates on Mac. There I decided to give try to Mac Mini, a small but powerful Mac based desktop. Today, I am expecting the delivery of final wire to attach mini to monitor. So far, I have read many reviews about the great experience of other users on Mac. I do hope to have a great experience with Mac and success in developing successful apps for Apple stores. In this world of smart phones, it is very important to have a presence on mobile devices and mobile application can provide you a great platform to reach a mobile audience. My application for Android devices have got great response with a 4 plus rating out of 5

You can move faster with Latest Technology

Today, we can find great technical help at our hands when we use latest technology to do a task. Latest technology is making our life very easy and comfortable. Any person who uses the latest technology, he does his jobs much faster and easily as compared to people who use old technology. Today, new technical innovation is coming very fast and we can use these innovations for increasing our productivity. However, large numbers of people fear using the latest technology or they don't feel comfortable with it. This is a common story in every part of the world. The most difficult part for any person is to change and learn new things. This problem becomes even bigger as their age increases. In general, it is a myth that an aged person can't learn new things. By changing this mind set anyone can learn new skills and move faster in life. 

Only Concentrated Efforts can Give Results

The one of the major reason behind failure in a task is lack of concentration at work. Many people find it very hard to concentrate on the main task; therefore, don't get desired results. To secure success in any field and at fast speed, one needs to concentrate only on the task in hand and not to waste time with unimportant things. Your ability to concentrate is directly proportional to your chances of success in any work. More you are able to concentrate more you have chances of attaining success. Hard work alone is not enough to insure 100% success in any field. To insure 100% success, you need 100% concentrated efforts. We can observe this is any successful person that he is successful because of 100% concentration he put in his work. If you are failing to achieve some jobs, then I will recommend you to increase your concentrate on the job. With this change, you will achieve success faster. 

Getting Investments for the Project is not an easy Task

Recently, I decided to venture into a new field. To start my venture, I needed some products and paid licenses. The major obstacle, I faced was in arranging finaces. It is really a hard task to sell your idea and convince them about your project. Moreover, large numbers of investors don't consider new entrants like me, as a wise investment idea. Due to this reason, I got rejected by all investors. However, I was adamant to start my project at any cost. To start my project, I arranged some money from my savings and got a loan from a bank. Though bank gave me loan at a high cost; however, I was not left with any option. Sometimes, it is your inner conviction which guides you and tells you to do something. At present, I have taken a big risk; however, I also know that I can't achieve big goals without taking such risks. Moreover, I am confident that if I don't earn anything then at least I will not lose anything. 

Your Child Needs Your Love

Do you know what a small child needs most? If not, then the answer is love of parents. Love of parents plays a very vital role in his development. Children who don't get the love of their parents, they don't grow as confident human beings. Such children suffer from many mental problems and lack proper growth. Therefore, it is very important for parents to give love and support to their children. This love and support can provide great help in the growth of children. A loved child becomes a confident and strong human being. Parents can play a vital role in the mental development of children like his physical development, but unfortunately many parents don't give any attention to the mental development of their child. It is important to understand for all parents that mental growth is as important as physical growth of a child. 

Gaming is a big industry

Today it is very easy to find games like angry bird and temple run etc on every smart phone. There are many such games popular around the world and millions of people enjoy such games. I do like them in free time. Today, gaming has become a big industry and its potential is only increasing. After sometime, people become bore with old game and then they look for new games; therefore, a great potential exist for creating new games. By publishing games as application on popular mobile stores like Google Play and Apple store, any game can reach millions of people around the world. The success of any game depends its ability to engage people. I want to share my experience with Temple Run 2 game. When I started playing this game then I  become mad about it and starting spending hours on playing it. For game developer, a huge potential is present in form of billions of smart phone users. With the availability of many plug-ins it is becoming easy to create games; however, it require lots of e

Time is Most Valuable Asset

Time is most valuable asset and I know that most of you know this already then why I am telling you again. I am telling you this again because large numbers of people know this fact but very less numbers of people act on it. To become a great success in life, it is most important utilise time wisely. First it is important to understand importance of time then it is important to utilise available time wisely. The great difficulty with time  is that no one can hold it. Time always move away at its speed. Only we can work with it and match its speed to utilise it properly. People who know to utilise time wisely, they become happy and successful person in life. Time management is a tricky and strict job, mostly people waste time in laziness and unwanted things. They only come to know about the importance of time when they are left with no time. So know it is your turn to think wisely about time management and make best use of your time. 

Watch Beautiful Presentation "Life is a Journey"

Here I am embedding a beautiful video presentation called "Life is a Journey". As the tittle suggests, this video is about journey of life which we all do. On this journey, we go through many positive and negative things. From time to time, our approach about life also changes. As we get matured, we learn the value of life and its importance. In this video, you will discover some of such facts about journey called life. I liked this video very much; therefore, I sharing it with you. Life is short to be unhappy because unhappiness is prime goal. I hope this video will make you happy. 

It is easy to learn with Free Youtube Tutorials

Today, it is not very hard to learn anything if you truly want to learn it because there are many helpful tutorials available for you online. I personally like youtube based video tutorials created by people who want to help others for free. By watching these videos, anyone can learn many difficult things with ease. On youtube, you can find helpful videos on all topics. It is now up to you that you want to learn or not. If any person want to learn a new thing technical or non technical then he should search youtube tutorial for easy help. These tutorials give you step by step guide to do a task or learn a new thing. You can also download these video tutorials to play them again and again. By watching such video tutorials again and again, you learn new skills with in few days. So next time, when you face a difficulty with new skill then I hope that you will check youtube for help. 

Don't allow your Past to pull you back

Many people in the world fail to achieve success and happiness in life because their past doesn't free them from its hands. Such people keep on thinking past and moves in backward direction. People generally do it because they find confidence in the past or past events. This condition of mind is very bad because it stops a person from living in the present moment. Due to this habit, people loss many important opportunities in life. It is important for all of us to remember that past is past whether it was good or bad. It is better to leave it and move forward. It is not in the hand of any person to make changes to its past; therefore there is no fun in thinking too much about it. Too much attention in past doesn't allow a person to focus on present and make best of it. Due to this reason, such people fail in life or remain stuck in past to become a past themselves. 

Happiness is main search of every Human Being

Every human being is running here and there in this world for only one thing and it is happiness. To attain happiness, we are doing many things. But sadly, many people do not know exactly that what motivates them and make them happy. Therefore, they move in wrong direction of happiness and finally become a sad being. This is common story of millions of people who are moving in wrong direction of happiness and still hope to get happiness in life. They keep on going away and away from happiness and finally land on a place from where they can not got back to happiness. To get happiness in life, it is very important for every individual to know what motivates him and makes happy. Many people only copy others and think that they will find happiness in the dreams of others. However, they never realise that what motivates others may not do same for you. To find your happiness, first find what makes you happy; and then go and get it. 

There is solution to every problem

This is my personal experience that there is a solution to every problem in this world, even the problem may look very big. When we claim ourselves and looks for solutions available, then with some efforts we get few solutions. People fail to get solutions to their problems because they try hurriedly to find immediate answers. Solution for every problem is present; however, it requires patient on our side to find the perfect solution. AT many times in life, it looks that life is going in the wrong direction and there is nothing in our control. Under such situations, many people lose all hopes and stop looking for a solution. This is the biggest wrong decision they took in life because somewhere a good solution waits for all of us. Only we are required to change our efforts and approach in finding the solution. 

Fast internet Speed is must for Growth of Country

Today, the internet has become an important part of our life and it is very difficult to imagine a life without it. However, in India still many parts of the country are not connected by high speed internet and the places which are connected with high speed internet don't get it frequently. Moreover, we need a fast internet connection at an affordable speed because at present all mobile operators are charging very high fee for high speed internet. I appreciate the steps taken by Punjab's Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal to increase high speed internet connectivity in every part of Punjab. He said that he sees a great progress in Punjab by connecting every part of Punjab with high speed internet. I do believe same that high speed internet at an affordable price is requirement of present time. Today, many jobs can be easily done with the help of the internet and we can connect every person easily through it. 

New trend of Wood Work

Presently, we are seeing a comeback of wood work with many new options available in our hand. Today, large numbers of people love wooden touch everyone in their home. Whether it is a kitchen or living room, everywhere people love to add wood finish. With the help of white oak veneer and many similar options, we can easily big wooden look and feel to our kitchens and other places. People can easily buy such attractive sheets in various designs from online stores. When any person constructs a home, then he doesn’t want to make any compromise on beauty. With so many options in hand, now every person can give a great wooden finish to his home.

Are you aware of difference in seller's warranty and manufacturer's warranty at

Recently, I came to know about the difference between two types of warranties available on products at At many products will seller’s warranty and not manufacturer’s warranty. This means that the seller who is selling the product takes the responsibility of repair and replacement. Such products are not covered under manufacturer warranty and you can get free service from the manufacture’s service center. For example, if you buy a Toshiba laptop with seller warranty, then it will not be covered by Toshiba and you can service it for free from Toshiba service center. In this case, some sellers do have tie-ups with independent service providers in your area while some do not provide any local service. This can be bad news if you product falls to work in warranty period and you don’t get required service. Therefore, next time when your plans to buy the product from then you should clearly see what kind of warranty you are getting with your product and only then yo

Disadvantage of spending too much on Credit Card

There is great disadvantage associated with credit cards that you spend lots of money by becoming victim of easy EMI plans. While at first look such plans look very attractive; therefore, lots of people got lured into buying extra on their credit card. They only realize their blunder when they see the credit card statement and don’t have enough money to payback. I have also become victim of such attractive offers few times and learned lesson to remain away from excessive spending on credit cards. I have seen many people who even take loans to payback their credit card bills and for some it take years to payback their credit card dues. In this whole situation, credit card companies are biggest gainers because they make good money by applying high interest on your credit card dues. It is better to learn from the experiences of others and save ourselves from such traps. 

Save big with Online Buying

It is really possible to save good money online because of many good offers available for us. In India, online shopping is seeing a great jump because entry of new players in this segment. Many such online retailers buy products directly from the manufacturers and thus pass good discounts to you. Recently, I made a good saving on my skb drum cases by buying them online. You can also save on skb drum cases by looking for great offers available online. So next when you decided to buy something, then you should check for all options available online, then make a buying decision after comparing online and offline prices. Online shopping is all set to introduce new competition and make buying for economical for us. 

Live for Today

We can understand the best part of life by living for today only. However, surprising and sadly large numbers of people live their lives while living in the past or future. When we think too much about the past or future, then we can't live in present. By doing so, we waste our present and in nutshell our life. Living in the past and future is like living in a dream while living in the present means actual living when you can consciously present at the moment. To live in present, you should not allow the past and future to disturb you with their unimportant talks. Sadly, we are conditioned from our birth to think in this way. Moreover, we remain surrounded with people who also have the same habit. To live in a present moment, we need to break this conditioning and become strong at mental level. Once you will learn to live in present, then you will never go back to the past or future. 

Every fear is useless

Many people live like rats because of unknown fears surrounding them. Spuriously, 99% of their fear are not actual and they are just creations of the mind. However, due to lack of knowledge and confidence many people remain fearing from everything and anything. Sometimes, these fears go so deep that it becomes habitual to think negative and fearful. Due to this reason, such people live their life fully and become victim of mental and physical disorders. Excessive fear is very bad for health and good living. No person can live life fully, if remains worrying about minor and important things. Fear and worrying absorb vital life energy from a person and leave him weak. So, if you want to live as a strong human being then you should stop worrying and say goodbye to your fears permanently. 

Understand the importance of Time before it is too late

We often see many people complaining about the time when it is very late doing anything. The biggest issue with them is that it can't retrieve once it is gone. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to use time wisely. Success is also the other name of good time management. When a person manages his time, then he surly get a success. While people who don't manage their time well, they remain failure throughout their lives. We all run here and there in the search of success mantras but never big importance to biggest success mantra available in our hands i.e. Time management. People who give importance to their time, they got respect from time and become a great success. Success and time are directly related to each other. Without proper time management, it is near impossible for anyone to success. So do start giving respect to time and see the difference yourself. 

Election and Time of Big advertising campaigns

As election time is coming near, so we are witnessing increasing advertisements related to election in all kinds of media. Present in every political party wants to convince voters about their achievements or poll promises. We can notice such ads of Congress, BJP, SP and BSP on all leading news channels. Congress is trying show achievement made by its center government in the last 10 years through its three advertisements which are shown on all leading TV channels. Every party wants to reach voters with its promising and gather their votes. In last surveys, it was found that such advertisements are good for changing the image or gather few more votes; therefore, every party wants to get maximum benefit from advertising campaigns. As elections will come close so we will see increase such ads of different political parties showing their achievements and poll promises. However, the Indian voter knows all facts behind these ads and I hope everyone will vote accordingly to the right candi

Election Days in India

In the next few months, India will see the biggest election of all times i.e. Loksabha election 2014. Loksabha or Parliamentary elections are biggest election in India and around the world for any democracy because near to 1 billion people take part in these elections. Not only India but people around the world have an eye on these elections. All political parties and top leaders are trying their best to influence Indian voters and win maximum votes to make next government. At present, we are seeing many favorable talks for the ordinary man because now ordinary men and women of India will decide next government. It is the duty of every Indian to vote responsibly and choose better leaders so that they can make good laws for us. It is wrong at the hands of people to vote for wrong and corrupt leaders because they only make money by reaching at the top position. 

Very bad service of BSNL Punjab

From Last 9 days, our BSNL broadband and landline is not working and in the meantime, we registered complaints three times; however, till today no response. In recent times, condition of BSNL services in Punjab has gone very bad. When you look at this bad service then you feel that employees of BSNL are not giving their 100%. This bad service of BSNL will only help private companies to expand their networks on the cost of old BSNL customers. Already, large numbers of old BSNL landline users are surrendering their landline and broadband connections because of poor services offered by BSNL. In the present competitive market, BSNL can’t afford to move forward with such approach because customers want quick and best service.  

New looks for Kitchen

Today, we can find many options to increase the beauty of kitchen by adding beautiful contemporary kitchen cabinets. In the market, we can find many options of good styles and designs in kitchen cabinets. Moreover, people can find many good options to find attractive designs at affordable rates from many online stores. Online shopping has made it very easy for us to find many good buying options from the comfort of our home. These attractive kitchen cabinets are very useful and make it very easy to manage kitchens. They also give a very attractive look to our kitchens and working in the kitchen becomes very comfortable.

Love your work

It is very important for all of us to love their work if we want to get give success in life because when we love our work then we put great efforts in it and soon attain great success in life. Without love what we do, it is not possible for any person to attain a true success in life. There are many examples of big achievers in the world who have attained great success in life because they loved their work very much. On the other hand, people who don’t love their work fail in life. Now it is your choice that you want to become successful or not. If you truly want to become a successful person in life, then you must start loving your work. By loving the work, you find many options to increase your productivity and attained higher levels of success.

Your success starts from your brain

Most people give so much importance to other factors for their success that they forget about main internal factors. The first real success starts from the brain and then we see it getting shape in the real world. It is not possible for any person to get success in life when he doesn’t feel this success in his mind. We can define this concept as confidence because all people who become successful in life have confidence in their skills even before getting any success. Therefore, if you also want to become successful in life, then you must start believing your skills and inner strength. Soon success will touch your feet and the whole world will recognize your true potential. It is something deeper inside you which makes you special than others. Your true belief about yourself reflects in terms of your success or failure. So start conditioning of your brain for attaining great success in life.

Time to opt LED lights

Today, we hear an increasing voice from across the world to save electricity because we want to save our vital resources. The great solution is present in front of us in the form of LED light to save electricity. LED bulbs and lamps use many times less electricity than conventional bulbs; therefore, we can save lots of electricity. Recently, we used beautiful white led christmas lights and found great difference in electricity usage. Moreover, the good point about led lights is that we don’t compromise on light effects. I also want to request everyone to use LED light more and more to save electricity and important resources.

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Extreme importance of Living in Present

 Today, we live in a world where most of the people are worried about the future and work hard to make their future bright; however, in this race they forget to live and enjoy their present. Many of these people completely wastes their present life for an unknown future. Sadly, some of them never see future for which they work hard. In this way, they neither enjoy their present nor future. It is very important for every person to understand the importance of present because it is something which is our hands. It is wrong to postpone happiness and essential things to future because time never comes back. Once you lose something, you lose it forever. Therefore, it is important for all of us to understand the importance for present time and start enjoying it. The happiest people in this world are one who knows to enjoy their present and not the one who only work for the future. It is also fairly important to secure our future; however, it is totally wrong to waste present for an unknown

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Do first what is Important?

Large numbers of people in the present world fail because they don't do first what is important and waste their time with unimportant things. Due to this reason, they lose many golden opportunities to make money or get success. Most of people lack, a discipline in life and waste their life on unimportant things. After becoming unsuccessful in life, they blame circumstances and situations for their losses. However, in reality they are mainly responsible for their failures. It is very important to prioritize things or works in life and do the most important work first. The main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that both of them know well what is important for them and what you needed to do first. IF you also want to get success in life, then do start working on the important things in life instead of wasting time on unimportant things. When you know exactly that what is right for you then you are sure to get success.