Live for Today

We can understand the best part of life by living for today only. However, surprising and sadly large numbers of people live their lives while living in the past or future. When we think too much about the past or future, then we can't live in present. By doing so, we waste our present and in nutshell our life. Living in the past and future is like living in a dream while living in the present means actual living when you can consciously present at the moment. To live in present, you should not allow the past and future to disturb you with their unimportant talks. Sadly, we are conditioned from our birth to think in this way. Moreover, we remain surrounded with people who also have the same habit. To live in a present moment, we need to break this conditioning and become strong at mental level. Once you will learn to live in present, then you will never go back to the past or future. 
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