Every Person is Interested in his own Dreams

In life, we learn many hard things as we grow old and one of such hard thing is to learn that people are only interested in their own dreams and no one cares for your dreams. Some people even become so selfish that they try to destroy your dreams for completing their dreams. Due to this reason, we see large numbers of people refer the whole world as a selfish world. It is strange that people want something else when it matters to them and when it is about others then they totally change their prospective. Moreover, it is the story of every person, we all are selfish from inside. The main problem comes into effect when people become extremely selfish and even make it difficult for the other person to live comfortably. On stage, it is better to revolt than suffer because otherwise it will only affect your health. The world will always remain selfish and it is wrong to consider that selfish person will leave their selfishness for us. So we need to change our actions to fight selfishness of others. 
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