Getting Investments for the Project is not an easy Task

Recently, I decided to venture into a new field. To start my venture, I needed some products and paid licenses. The major obstacle, I faced was in arranging finaces. It is really a hard task to sell your idea and convince them about your project. Moreover, large numbers of investors don't consider new entrants like me, as a wise investment idea. Due to this reason, I got rejected by all investors. However, I was adamant to start my project at any cost. To start my project, I arranged some money from my savings and got a loan from a bank. Though bank gave me loan at a high cost; however, I was not left with any option. Sometimes, it is your inner conviction which guides you and tells you to do something. At present, I have taken a big risk; however, I also know that I can't achieve big goals without taking such risks. Moreover, I am confident that if I don't earn anything then at least I will not lose anything. 
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