Gaming is a big industry

Today it is very easy to find games like angry bird and temple run etc on every smart phone. There are many such games popular around the world and millions of people enjoy such games. I do like them in free time. Today, gaming has become a big industry and its potential is only increasing. After sometime, people become bore with old game and then they look for new games; therefore, a great potential exist for creating new games. By publishing games as application on popular mobile stores like Google Play and Apple store, any game can reach millions of people around the world. The success of any game depends its ability to engage people. I want to share my experience with Temple Run 2 game. When I started playing this game then I  become mad about it and starting spending hours on playing it. For game developer, a huge potential is present in form of billions of smart phone users. With the availability of many plug-ins it is becoming easy to create games; however, it require lots of efforts. 
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