Happiness is main search of every Human Being

Every human being is running here and there in this world for only one thing and it is happiness. To attain happiness, we are doing many things. But sadly, many people do not know exactly that what motivates them and make them happy. Therefore, they move in wrong direction of happiness and finally become a sad being. This is common story of millions of people who are moving in wrong direction of happiness and still hope to get happiness in life. They keep on going away and away from happiness and finally land on a place from where they can not got back to happiness. To get happiness in life, it is very important for every individual to know what motivates him and makes happy. Many people only copy others and think that they will find happiness in the dreams of others. However, they never realise that what motivates others may not do same for you. To find your happiness, first find what makes you happy; and then go and get it. 
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