Excitement of Working on Mac

Today, I am very excited because I will start working on my new Mac device which is the Mac mini. So far, I never thought about giving a try to Mac operated devices because I was comfortable with window based products. However, recently I decided to venture in to applications for Apple stores. Now to create applications for the apple store you need an Apple device which operates on Mac. There I decided to give try to Mac Mini, a small but powerful Mac based desktop. Today, I am expecting the delivery of final wire to attach mini to monitor. So far, I have read many reviews about the great experience of other users on Mac. I do hope to have a great experience with Mac and success in developing successful apps for Apple stores. In this world of smart phones, it is very important to have a presence on mobile devices and mobile application can provide you a great platform to reach a mobile audience. My application for Android devices have got great response with a 4 plus rating out of 5 and more than 3 Lakh downloads. Now I am confident to do same for Apple Store. 
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