Story of Grand Mother's Beautiful Trunk

Today, I am going to share with you the story of the fight for the beautiful wooden trunk of my Grand Mother. Four years back, my grandmother died and left behind a beautiful wooden storage trunk. The attraction of the trunk was great hand work on it. Today, it is impossible to find such beautiful trunks with great artwork on it. Therefore, many people in the family started fighting to take hold of this trunk. The fight has become so strong that all members involved in the fight stopped talking to each other. By seeing the situation going bad, it was decided by the elders of the family that no one will get a trunk for now. Even after one year of this fight, this trunk is still a matter of contention between  family members. There are still possibilities that this fight might resume anytime in near future. However, I hope that with time we will get a cool solution for this problem without hurting anyone. 
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