Suffering in the name of Relationships

At some time, we all look for new relationships in life and we have great expectations from them; however, for many people,  these relationships don't go the way as they had expected. This outcome makes many people sad in life and people become again alone despite having relationships. In such situation, the person wants to run away from these relationships to a new place where he can leave peacefully.

It is easy to expect from others in relationships; however, no one can predict what he or she will get back in return. Sometimes, the situations can go worse with nothing going the way as we expected. In such situations, the person feels himself in a bigger mess and wants to break such false one sided relationships. There is always a limit to one's power to suffer and at some point every person breaks away.

Under such situation, it is better to be out of a relationship which makes you weak and takes away your peace. Though, many people don't have enough mental power to take such decisions and they keep on suffering through out the life. 
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