GIMP is Great Alternative Photoshop

I do like photoshop because of its great features; however, the major disadvantage with it is its higher cost. For users like me who use photoshop sparingly it is not worth full to spend so much money. So I looked for a solution and found it in the form of GIMP because it is a great and free photo editing tool available. This software is so good at editing and manipulating digital images that many professional choose it over photoshop. If any person who wants a good and professional software for photo editing, but he can't afford photoshop then he should check GIMP. At a first look, GIMP looks a very difficult and heavy software; however, when one uses in regularly, then it becomes very easy with time to operate it. The other good advantage with GIMP is the availability of large numbers of written and video tutorials related to GIMP. Users are simply required to Google keywords for which they need information for GIMP and soon, they get all information. 
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