It is Time of Social Media

Today, it will not be wrong to say that we live in a social media world. For many people life is nothing without a presence on social media. Major social media networks like facebook, google plus remain active latest posts by people. Mobile social media platforms like whatsapp have added mobile users to this race too. Today, somehow everyone is on social media and engaging large numbers of people. Not only social media networks are good for socializing; they are also good for sharing the news. The news spreads like fire on social media networks with people passing on relevant information to others. Over most of such tools, governments have no control, thus Home minister of India looks to be agitated over this. However, I call it freedom of people and speech of common man. Thanks to social media, I came across so many information and real stories which are not available easily. Though some people also use social media networks for wrong things, but it doesn't give any power to government to curb social media completely. It is nice to welcome new technology and use it for the benefit of people them controlling it. I hope that ministers of government will realize their fault and don't make such statements.
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