Do Online Shopping Products a Relief from MRP?

It is very common to find such advertisements on various online stores which says that freedom from MRP. The meaning of these offers is that you can buy products at great discounts on such online stores. Now the biggest question is that what they are saying is true or not? To a large extent, it is true because such sites are offering good discounts on products. I buy many products online because there is a good difference in price. Sometimes, you can save up to 20% on many products as compared to their prices in the local stores. Therefore, it is always beneficial to check prices online before buying a product. Many new sites give very attractive offers to attract new customers and with these offers, you can make a big saving on your purchase. I always buy diapers for my two years old son online because of good price differences in local market and online stores. Though, I don't recommend buying everything online because many times we get great offers on local stores too. For smart shopping, we need a mix of local and online shopping. 
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