It is a Hard Task to Keep your Child Busy

When you become a parent, then you learn so many new things. The biggest problem you face is that how to keep your child busy because by doing so you steal some time for yourself. Most children in the age of 2 to 5 always try to get your attention and follow you. Due to this reason, you sometimes find it hard to get time for yourself. Children mostly love hungry and they like to stay more with the parent who makes them comfortable more. To solve this problem, we can find some methods to keep children busy with games or other educational stuff. When children are busy then they don't look for you or follow. By doing so, you get a free time for yourself to do important work. When experience, we come to learn what engages children and what they like? Today, we can find many useful applications and educational toys which engage children and increase their mental ability. In this way, you get double advantage, first you increase mental ability of your child second you get time for yourself. 
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