Shift from Old Big Tube TVs to Slim LED TVs

Slowly, we are seeing a shift in India from old fashioned and bulky Tube based TV sets to Smart and Slim LED TVs. All these LED TVs come with wall mount feature; therefore by changing old TVs sets with LED Tvs one can free lots of space in a run. Today, we already know that how difficult it is buy land for home; due to this reason size of rooms is decreasing. Slim LED TVs fit very well in such rooms and allow space for other important things. These LED TVs are also much smarter as compared to older versions of TVs and people can perform many actions like live play of shows from internet or plug and play with USB device. Such Smart TVs don't need the help of DVD players to play moves alone, because these TVs can attach to many devices and USB. Today, it is near to impossible to find Old Tube based TVs sets in the market in all major towns of India. Soon LED TVs are going to completely replace older versions of TV sets from India. Due to competition, prices of LED are decreasing constantly and thus making it easy for large numbers of people to afford such LEDs. 
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