Does the Government want to Curb Electronic Media?

Yesterday Indian Home minister gave this statement that he wants to curb electronic media; though today he made a U-turn by saying that he was referring to social media. It is shocking that the home minister of a free and democratic country thinks this way. Electronic media and social networking tools have helped millions of Indians to express their view freely. Thanks to electronic media, we now get many useful and true information with ease. A few decades back, the media was in full control of government; however electronic media breaks all barriers and make it use to share news. However, the government doesn't want that people should know the news or talks which reveal failures of government because elections are very near and it can universally effect prospectives of government. In the last decade, the media and especially electronic media have become very strong in India. Thanks to smart phones and small computing devices, electronic media is now touching more numbers of people. Some of old fashioned leaders are not comfortable with it and want to curb it. 
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