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Loksabha Election 2009 predictions Tamil Nadu (opinion poll)

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog Tamil Nadu is likely to play very crucial role in Loksabha Election 2009 because of 39 Loksabha seats plus one seat of Union territory Pondicherry. In Tamil Nadu we can see main fight between AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), MDMK(Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), Left parties and PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) combine with Congress and DMK(Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam) combine (UPA). In last Loksabha election, PMK, MDMK and left parties were part of UPA alliance in Tamil Nadu; therefore, this alliance get major victory by winning 40 seats out of 40 seats (DMK 16, Congress 10, PMK 5, MDMK 4, CPM 2, and CPI 2). 2004 Loksabha election were big disaster for AIADMK and its alliance partner BJP because AIADMK and BJP even failed in getting a single seat. This time PMK, MDMK and Left par

Supreme Court blow hopes of Sanjay Dutt and other criminals to contest elections

Supreme Court of India today rejected the petition of Sanjay Dutt in which he asked before Supreme Court to allow him to contest Loksabha election. However, Sanjay Dutt forgets that it is clearly mentioned in the Representative act that no person should contest for Loksabha election who is sentenced for more than two years of imprisonment where as Sanjay Dutt is sentenced for six year of imprisonment and currently out on bail. Sanjay Dutt thought that he will be able to get relief from Supreme Court due to his popularity, however, Supreme Court clarified with this judgement that rules are same for every person irrespective of his position or popularity in society. This decision will also give big jolt to all criminals resting inside various Indian jails who also want to contest these Loksabha elections. If anyhow, Supreme Court have given any relief to Sanjay Dutt then numbers of other such convicts must also have filed their petitions in Supreme Court to allow them to contest election

Does Pakistan is becoming victim of self made terrorism?

Today, whole world saw terrorist attack on police academy in Lahore, Pakistan. These kinds of terrorist attacks are becoming very common in Pakistan. Every day we hear such news where terrorist attack different locations in Pakistan. Initially, Punjab province of Pakistan was considered safe from terrorist attacks. However, today no place in Pakistan is safe from terrorist attacks. Pakistan government is blaming Jihadi and Afghani terrorists behind all these attacks; however, Pakistan forgets that it has provided safe haven to large numbers of terrorist organisations from last many years. Pakistan helped numbers of these terrorist organisations involved in India (Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir) and Afghanistan to destabilise their governments. Now, these terrorists who used to work under the command of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI are creating threat for Pakistan itself. These terrorist organisations have become so strong that they have no fear of Pakistan government and they are even

My First Cheque from mginger (mobile advertising)

Today, I finally realised power of another earning opportunity in front of me when I received my first cheque from mginger . Initially, I also have similar doubt about this service which numbers of other people will also have that does mginger really pay? Now, it is possible for me to validate that mginger really pay in India and slowly this company is going to create a big revolution in mobile advertising. Future really belongs to such kind of services which are making it possible for advertisers to target selective customers. After joining mginger, I have received numbers of sms ads from them and some of these ads have actually helped in finding attractive deals like 40% discount of Zeiss frames and buying an economical house near Mohali. People also have option available in front of them to search for best deals available in their area by visiting For using this option, people are required to download a mobile discount coupon on their mobile which they can easily redeem

Watch first ever landing of Space Shuttle

Below, people can watch video of first ever landing of Space Shuttle. This video was taken back in April 14, 1981. This is an amazing video which provides a great opportunity in front of us to watch great moment.

Getting Indian 7280000 crore rupees back from Swiss Banks

Corruption is not a new thing in India and common people of India are facing this problem from past many years. Recently, people of India got a chance to understand the extent of this corruption when Swiss government announced that their banks have maximum sum of black money from India. Indian corrupt people topped in this list as Swiss government estimated that their banks hold black money from India in the tune of 2000000 to 7280000 crore rupees. This news clearly highlights that India tops in corruption thanks to some of these corrupt people and leaders. If India gets back this money from Swiss Banks then lots of developments projects can be easily started in India without getting excess tax from people or printing extra cash. Moreover, this money becomes very important in the times of economic slowdown. However, the main problem is that our present government is not taking this matter seriously. It is very important for our government and all people of India to get this money back

Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) 2

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog This is my second article in this series, I wrote my first article of this series on Jan 10, 2009. People can read this article by visiting Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) . In last two and half month, Indian politics have seen many ups and downs. Both UPA and NDA are losing their old allies on the cost of few new allies. BJP got major jolt in Orissa when BJD decided to go alone in this election, thus leaving behind 11 year old alliance of BJP-BJD in Orissa. Congress also got similar jolt from RJD, LJP and MDMK. BJP gained new allies in the form of Ajit Singh in UP and AJP in Assam. Similarly, Congress succeeded in making alliance with Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. At the same time, we also saw third front taking shape and increase in strength of regiona

Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 3

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog This is third article in this series where people can get revised predictions for next Loksabha election 2009 statewise. Last updates were published on 10 Jan, 2009 and 21 Feb, 2009. People can access to these this posts by visiting- Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll (State wise) and Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll (State wise) 2 respectively. In the mean time, we have seen numbers of changes in political atmosphere of India. Both NDA and UPA have lost numbers of their partners whereas we have seen formation of new groups. In future also we can hope to see formation and breaking of number of alliances. In latest survey, people will see affect of Congress-Trinamool alliance in West Bengal, breaking of 11 year old BJP-BJD alliance in Orissa, formation of new MDMK and AIADMK alliance in Tamil Nad

About Varun Gandhi

It looks that Varun Gandhi has become a big name in Indian politics overnight after some of his communally sensitive video tapes were made public by media. Though, Varun Gandhi has clearly stated that these video tapes are tempered with to malign his name, however, still he has emerged as big hero for large numbers of people who support his views and to his party BJP. BJP has come in full support of Varun Gandhi and they are likely to project Varun Ghandi as star campaigner for BJP. Below, I am sharing important points related to Varun Gandhi for all those people who do not know much about him. 1) Varun Gandhi is only son of Late Congress leader and elder son of Indira Ghandi Sanjay Ghandi. 2) His mother name is Maneka Ghandi, who is currently member of BJP and Loksabha MP. 3) He is also cousin brother of Rahul Ghandi and Priyanka Ghandi. 4) He was born on March 13, 1980. 5) His Father died when he was just four year old. 6) Varun Gandhi also loves to write poems during his free time.

Finding a suitable hotel

Sometimes, it becomes very hard to find a suitable hotel because of lack of planning. It is always a good idea to book hotels in advance so that we can avoid last minute rush. Second, it is also important to select hotels near a particular location which we are going to visit, for example, if you want to get a flight from San Diego airport early in the morning then it is useful to book a San Diego airport hotel to avoid late night travel. In the present world, we have become very easy to book hotels online. People can easily find large numbers of such solutions to easily book hotels as per need plus getting good discounts and deals.

Watch detailed interview with Robert Pattinson

Today, it is not difficult to find fans of hit movie “Twilight” Robert Pattinson. After the huge success of Twilight, Pattinson has become a known and common face across the world. Lot of people across the world want to know more about him. All these people can enjoy this detailed interview with Robert Pattinson, where he is giving answer to number of personal and general question. Also visit- Watch interview Twighlight star Kristen Stuart re Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating? Why not?

Tata Nano after effects

Yesterday, Tata unveiled their dream project Tata Nano, popularly known as One Lakh rupee car, in front of general public. With the launch of Tata Nano in Indian market many people and experts are trying to work out after effects of Tata Nano on Indian Car and two wheeler market. Tata has presently positioned Tata Nano as good alternative for all two wheeler owners to own a car instead of a two-wheeler because Tata Nano provides a safer and all wealth family transportation solution. Penetration of cars is still very small in India as compared to world and there are large numbers of people in India who use two-wheeler as a primary medium of transport. Therefore, Tata Nano is likely to attract large number of these people to upgrade themselves with a Tata Nano. Basic model of Tata Nano will cost Rs 1.24 Lakh on road; therefore lot of two-wheeler owners will look to buy this car. Moreover, Tata has tied up with large numbers of PSU banks to offer up to 100% loan for Tata Nano buyers. Sta

Will Varun Gandhi be new hope for BJP?

As we all are aware of recent controversy related to Varun Gandhi and verdict of election commission about him. For those people who do not know anything about this controversy then I will like to give a slight summery of whole event. This whole controversy started when media highlighted videos of Varun Gandhi saying communally sensitive words. Election commission (EC) took tough stand on this matter and asked BJP to not allow Varun Gandhi to contest from Pilibhit on BJP ticket. Varun Gandhi and BJP sighted this whole verdict of Election Commission as a move to malign Varun and BJP without properly investigating this case and leaking their answer to media. However, this whole incident has created smile on the faces of many BJP members who are struggling for big issues. This recent controversy has put forward Varun Gandhi as a strong Hindu leader and there are good chances that Varun can provide good help to BJP in again gaining image of a strong Hinduvadi Party which it used to enjoy e

Buying attractive Gifts online

Today, we live in a world where it has become very easy for us to buy attractive gifts online. People can easily find numbers of online gift stores or bargain stores, where they can easily buy all such items at very attractive rate. One of such option available in front of US customers is In recent times, this website has become very popular for getting best buy deals like for finding attractive Black Friday gifts. It is a great deal for people to get some discounts and attractive deals on their gift items. The main advantage of these websites is that people can find large numbers of easy options available front of them; therefore, it becomes easy to search good options. People will also be able to save their time by going online and buying gifts.

Get free Loksabha News and Loksabha Results on mobile (SMS Alert)

To Check Live Results Loksabha Election 2014 Click Here Below, people can find two options to get free Loksabha News and Loksabha election results on their mobile. This service is available free of cost to all mobile users in India (Not available outside India). People are required to SMS short code written below to number shown below to activate this service. First service is related to all major news related to Loksabha elections and Loksabha news. Second option is related to getting live election results on mobile through SMS alert. 1) Loksabha Eelction and Result News Alret SMS "On LoksabhaNews" to 9870807070 2) Live Loksabha Results Alerts SMS "On ELECTIONRESULTS" to 9870807070 Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

How to book Tata Nano and status of online booking?

We all know this fact that Tata Nano has become a big brand in car market across the world even before its launch. We can easily find millions of people eagerly waiting to buy this car. Tata is also expecting same initial booking for Tata Nano because this booking can provide financial boast to financially troubled Tata Motors. Presently, Tata Nano will be available for booking through selective chain of Tata Nano Dealers (which are different from existing dealers of other Tata brands) who will start booking Tata Nano from first or second week of April. People can easily learn about all these Tata Nano dealers by visiting nearest Tata dealers in Markets because large numbers of these dealers have also got dealership licences for Tata Nano. Second, Tata is also actively considering booking Tata Nano through the retail branches of State bank of India (SBI), as SBI has branches even in deep interiors of India and Tata Nano is likely to sell more in interiors. Within next two or three mont

Important Tata Nano Links

As we all know that Tata Nano is going to launch tomorrow and already, this news has created situation of celebration among many Tata Nano lovers. People around the world are eagerly waiting for this day from last two years when Tata announced their intention of making cheapest car of world. Tomorrow, Tata will complete this dream and create lots of hopes and aspirations in the minds of billions of lower middle class people to afford a car. Below, people can find number of useful links related to Tata Nano where they can get all useful information related to Tata Nano. 1) This is official website of Tata Nano where people can get all latest information related to Tata Nano. This website update people about various features and facts related to Tata Nano. This website provides a good resource to all people who want to learn more about Tata Nano. 2) Tata Nano Forum - This is official forum on where people can discuss number of questions related to Tata Nano. Pe

Giving importance to exercise

I always suggest people to give proper importance to health because if any person losses health then this world becomes very difficult for him. Without health, it is very difficult to think about enjoying proper life. The best way to maintain health is nurturing habit of regular exercise. Today, we all live in a world where we can find many options available in front of us to do exercises very easily. Large numbers of people can easily afford useful exercising equipments like elliptical . With help of an elliptical any person can easily think about doing a regularly exercise from the comforts of his home. With the investment of small time on exercise any person can easily enjoy many benefits of good health. Like this example, people can easily search for numbers of other ways to get proper health with regular exercise.

Video of a dead Bigfoot

In recent times, we have seen many claims related to sighting a live big foot or finding his body. Internet is full of many such videos and most of them only look created for fun or misleading people. This is also one such video, where a big foot kills himself in front of a camera. By watching this video, anybody can sense that this is not a real big foot video. However, still we can enjoy this video for few people’s imagination. Also visit- Monster of Montauk Watch Robot with a rat brain (video) A real Bigfoot found? (video) Watch CNN's Bigfoot report Watch a fish baby (video)

Finally IPL out of India

Today, BCCI announced that they have decided to take popular home 20-20 cricket tournament out of India. The major reason behind this announcement was failure of many state governments and finally centre government in providing adequate security to IPL matches. This was only option left with BCCI to conduct IPL in parallel to Loksabha elections. Now, IPL matches will be either played in England or South Africa. BCCI is still to finalise final location. The good news for IPL fans in India is that they will be able to watch these matches at same times in India at which they watched last year IPL matches. Despite the location of IPL tournament IPL matches will start as per India time of 4 PM and 8 PM, therefore, it will not cause any problem to all IPL fans. However, this move will definitely affect IPL franchises. All IPL franchises will now loss money which they were earning from match tickets, hoardings etc and their only revenue option will be share of TV rights revenue. This move wil

Getting proper attorney help

Many times, people do not give proper importance to proper attorney help and later find themselves in difficult situations. A good attorney help can make our case more strong for us and increases chances of winning this case. Therefore, it becomes important for people to pay right attention toward selecting a right attorney for case. We can easily find number of specialist attorneys like motorcycle accident attorneys, who can provide more help in particular case. By getting proper attorney help people can make their case more strong and hope for desired result of case. We all know that it is very difficult to pursue forward an already lost case; therefore, it is very important to make right moves initially. People can easily search for such attorney in their nearby area or they can get the help of internet for finding one.

Chances of third front in Loksabha election 2009

In last few days, we all have seen third front taking a solid shape. With this, third front has emerged as third contender for making government at centre. Earlier, also India has seen third front government at centre with the help of outside support from Congress. This time third front will have similar hopes because it is very unlikely that third front will be able to win absolute majority in Loksabha on their own. Third front mainly comprise of parties like Communist parties, BSP, BJD, TDP, AIADMK etc. The main problem with third front is that it does not have solid support base in many states of India and most of these parties are just regional parties. Third front is likely to get 80 to 16o seats, thus huge variation is possible in the final seats of third front. In ideal estimate, it is likely to get 100-135 seats. Therefore, third front will be highly dependent on outside support from other big parties. The good thing for third front is that it can see more opportunities after t

Tata for mega launch of Tata Nano (live launch)

Finally much awaited day of Tata Nano’s launch has come as Tata is going to launch their one lakh rupee car Tata Nano on 23rd March. Last year, Tata Nano became big news when Tata showed prototype of Tata Nano to public. Though, Tata Nano will not exactly cost Rs 1 Lakh as now it will cost Rs 1.30 Lakh. However, still Rs 1.3 Lakh will not be a big price for many Indians because a simple auto rickshaw cost more than 1.5 Lakh rupees. After launch, Tata Nano will become most economical car in India and world. Tata will announce all latest news and future plans related to Tata Nano during Monday’s launch. Booking of Tata Nano is likely to start from second week of April. Tata is expecting to generate revenue of Rs 350-400 crore through booking amount. People are required to pay Rs 70000 in advance for booking a Tata Nano car. Tata has already signed agreements with numbers of PSU banks including SBI for providing loans to the buyers of Nano. Tata Nano is likely to give major push to number

Option of saving money in the form of gold

Today, we all can find numbers of options available in front of us for saving our hard earned money. However, it becomes very difficult to choose right options for investing our money. Every option make number of claims of increasing our money, however, many times we do not get the desired results like recent returns of various mutual funds and stocks. Recent downfall in stock market has forced large numbers of people to think about other options for saving money. Recent increase in the price of gold has again made gold investment as attractive investment options. People can easily buy gold in form of coins like us gold coins. People can easily buy gold through number of merchants which offer gold coins at very attractive price. The main advantage with gold buying is that it always gives good returns to people. In history, we can find many examples where gold has saved people from bankruptcy and financial problem. Moreover, we also do not see steep price decrease in gold, therefore mak

Loksabha 2009 Election Dates Utter Pradesh Constituency wise

Loksabha Election 2009 will take place in five phases in Utter Pradesh on 16 April (first phase), 23 April (second phase), 30 April (third phase), 7 May (fourth phase) and 13 May (fifth phase). Due to large geographical area and sensitivity of state Loksabha elections will take place in five phases in Utter Pradesh. There are total 80 constituencies in Utter Pradesh out of which 16 constituencies will go to vote on 16 April in first phase, 17 constituencies on 23 April in second phase, 15 constituencies on 30 April in third phase, 18 constituencies will go to vote on 7 May in fourth phase and remaining14 in fifth phase on 13 May. Below people can find the name of constituencies which will poll on 16 April, 23 April, 30 April, 7 May and 13 May. Utter Pradesh constituencies going to vote on 16 April 1) Azamgarh 2) Ballia 3) Bansgaon 4) Chandauli 5) Deoria 6) Ghazipur 7) Ghosi 8) Gorakhpur 9) Kushi Nagar 10) Lalganj 11) Maharajganj 12) Machhlishahr 13) Mirzapur 14) Robertsganj 15) Salempu

Loksabha 2009 Election Dates Bihar Constituency wise

Loksabha Election 2009 will take place in four phases in Bihar on 16 April (first phase), 23 April (second phase), 30 April (third phase) and 7 May (fourth phase). Due to large geographical area and sensitivity of state Loksabha elections will take place in four phases in Bihar. There are total 40 constituencies in Bihar out of which 13 constituencies will go to vote on 16 April in first phase 13 constituencies on 23 April in second phase, 11 constituencies on 30 April in third phase and remaining3 in fourth phase on 7 May. Below people can find the name of constituencies which will poll on 16 April, 23 April, 30 April and 7 May Bihar constituencies going to vote on 16 April 1) Arrah 2) Aurangabad 3) Buxar 4) Gaya 5) Gopalganj 6) Jahanabad 7) Jamui 8) Karakat 9) Maharajganj 10) Nawada 11) Saran 12) Sasaram 13) Siwan Bihar Constituencies going to vote on 23 April 1) Darbhanga 2) Hajipur 3) Jhanjharpur 4) Madhubani 5) Muzaffarpur 6) Paschim Champaran 7) Purvi Champaran 8) Samastipur 9) S

Dark Truth of Ragging in India

Recent death of 19 year old Aman Satya Kachru due to ragging has again put question mark on all claims of governments and various college administrations that no ragging is going on in Indian colleges. Aman was first year student of Rajindra Prasad Medical College, Tanda (Kangra). He became victim of ragging and negligence on the part of college authorities. Aman was beaten so badly by few seniors for reporting ragging incidence to college authorities that he died few hours after due to these injuries. In past also ragging has claimed lives of many innocent students across India in various colleges, however, apathy is that government has not done anything concrete to stop this menace. Only Supreme Court of India has made few laws in this direction and ordered governments to take strict actions against those found guilty in these cases. However, problem is that very less numbers of these cases are reported by authorities to police because of attached reputation of college. We can only s

Vote online and Predict who will win Loksabha 2009 election in India?

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog Below, people can vote online and predict that who will make next government in India. People can also get multiple options for voting like who will win 2009 Loksabha election, which political party is best party according to you in India, who is your favourite candidate for Prime Minister post, which is main agenda of 2009 Loksabha election, are you satisfied with present government, will you vote or not? People can find number of such online polls on this vote. Poll 1 Poll 2 Poll 3 Poll 4 Poll 5 Poll 6 Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

Who will win 2009 assembly election in Andhra Pradesh? (opinion poll)

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog Assembly elections of Andhra Pradesh will take place simultaneously with Loksabha election 2009 on 16 April and 23 April in first and second phase respectively. There are total 294 assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh and any party is required to win more than 147 seats for making a new government in state. Present main fight in Andhra Pradesh is between Congress and TDP-TRS (Telugu Desam Party- The Telengana Rashtra Samiti) and Left parties combine. Presently, Congress has government in state and it won last 2004 assembly election with TRS and Left parties. In 2004 election, Congress-TRS-Left Parties alliance got landslide victory by winning 226 seats (186 Congress, 26 TRS, 9 CPM, 6 CPI). However, later TRS and Left parties left this Congress lead alliance and now they are part of TDP lead alliance. Pre

Getting treated for weight problems

It is very important for every person to give proper importance to his weight related problems. Around the world, we are seeing increase in weight related problems with average weight of people increasing rapidly. Two major reasons behind the increase in this problem are decrease in physical work and increase in intake of fat rich foods. In developed countries this problem has already taken a big shape and this problem is spreading its foot fast in developing nations. With the increase in weight related problems we are also seeing increase available treatment options for it. There are many operative procedures available in market. Some people also like concept of weight loss pill for treating weight loss problem. Increase in weight related problems have simultaneously given more market to such product which is increasing fast. Overall, it is important for people to get treatment for acute weight related problems otherwise these problems can cause major problems in long run.

Who will win 2009 assembly elections in Orissa?

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog 2009 Assembly elections for Orissa state will take place simultaneously with Loksabha elections. Voting for Orissa assembly and Loksabha seats will take place in two phases on April 16 and April 23. Results of these voting will be announced on May 16, 2009 with Loksabha election results. Present fight in Orissa is between BJD (Biju Janata Dal) and Congress party. Biju Janata Dal came to existence in 1997 when Naveen Patnaik son of former chief minister of Orissa Late Biju Patnaik split with parent party Janata Party to float his own party BJD. In 1997, Naveen Patnaik joined BJP lead NDA alliance and come to power by winning assembly elections of 2000 and 2004. However, this time BJD decided to go alone and split its alliance with BJP to go alone. BJD has presently joined third front to fight these as

Terrorism: The Virus

The terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan on 3rd March 2009 is a BLACK-DAY in the history of sports . Sports, especially Cricket, have always been bridging the gaps between the countries and developing harmony and affection. The IPL in India is a splendid example of love and affection between people of different countries because the players of different countries play in the same team and get a chance of reducing differences by sharing ideas and exchanging views. Terrorists are the people who neither live nor let other people live. They are among those individuals who are apart from the main stream society and do not abide by social and moral norms. They are neither concerned about the religious guidelines which serve as a constitution for the people, according to which they are expected to live in communal harmony nor are they concern for the welfare of the society. On the one hand, if seen through the point of view of the persons holding GUNS at the fr

Watch World's Tallest Building “The Burj Dubai”

Below, people can watch tallest building of world “The Burj Dubai”. Currently, this building is under construction and will be tallest building in world once completed. This building is expected to be completed this year. This building will have 160 storeys. In last few years, Dubai has emerged as preferred place for construction marbles.

Loksabha Election 2009 predictions for Punjab

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog There are total 13 Loksabha seats in Punjab for which elections will take place in fourth and fifth phase on 7 May and 13 May respectively. In fourth phase, voting for 4 Loksabha seats will take place while voting for remaining 9 seats will take place in fifth phase. In last 2004 Lok Sabha election, Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance won 11 seats out of total 13 seats (SAD 8, BJP 3), whereas Congress was only able to win just two seats. In these elections, SAD-BJP alliance got 44% votes as compared to 34% votes got by Congress. However, in 2007 assembly election Congress improved its vote share and seats, where SAD failed in making government in Punjab at its own. In last two years, SAD lead government has done number of things to improve their image in state and repeat history of 2004 elections. SAD-B

Need for online marketing

We all live in a world where it is very difficult for all of us to undermine the importance of online marketing. Our dependence on internet is only increasing day by day with more and more services becoming available online. Today, billions of people from across the world access internet for their various needs. Therefore, online marketing becomes a great option in front of us to reach these people and turn them into customers. Due to the ever increasing number of people using internet, online marketing has become one of the best option available in front of people to market their products and services online. Today, every small and big company is giving full importance to online marketing due to its reach. In last few years, internet has also become very interacting and rich in media, which has further increased option of using internet for marketing needs. There are numbers of options available in front of people to do online market which include services like Google adword, search e

Attractive Vacations

Today, we can easily find number of attractive vacation options available in front of us. Recession time has made availability of these attractive vacation packages even more freely. In present time, we can easily buy an attractive vacation plan for as low as 50% from its price one year back. Similarly, we can find many attractive and economical vacation packages at Westgate . Due to decreasing demand of tourist and travellers, many travel companies have started offering their attractive vacation packages at very economical packages. Therefore, present time is very good for all those people who missed their vacations due to higher prices. Like other industries tourism industry is also struggling to maintain demand for their products and only option available in front of them is to offer attractive packages for attractive vacations.

Chances of UPA is Loksabha Election 2009

Slowly, we are entering in to the final phase of Loksabha election 2009. These elections will be held in five phases between April 16 and May 13. Counting for votes for all these phases will take place on May 16. In these elections, we can see main fight between two political alliances UPA and NDA. UPA is lead by Congress and NDA is lead by BJP. Presently, UPA lead government is present in India with outside support of Samajwadi Party. Both these alliances are making numbers of claims of making government at centre every day. However, we all know that it will not be easy for any one of them to make new government. At present, UPA alliance looks closer to make government at centre than NDA or third front. As per the latest estimates and predictions, UPA is likely to get seats between 210 and 235. With these numbers, UPA can easily think about making a government at centre with the support of parties like SP, BSP or left. UPA has recently made new alliance in West Bengal with Mamata Bane

Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

Below, people can find all posts related to Loksabha election 2009 written on this blog. Loksabha (Parliamentary) 2009 election will be held between April 16 and May 13. Results of these elections will be declared on 16 May, 2009. People can visit this age in future for reading new articles on Loksabha election. Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results 1) Get live charts and trends of Loksabha Election 2009 Results 2) Loksabha Election 2009 Results constituencywise 3) Watch Live Loksabha Election 2009 Results 4) Summary of Exit polls Loksabha Election 2009 5) Final Projections Loksabha Election 2009 (Exit Polls) 6) Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 4 7) Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) 2 8) Does congress has accepted defeat in Loksabha Election 2009? 9) Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 3 10) Vote online and Predict who will

Miraculous Truck train accident escape of a man in Turkey

Below, people can watch miraculous escape of a person in Istanbul when he finds himself between a rail and truck collision. Name of this person is Mr Tokac and he is 32 year old. CCTV cameras installed at this location have captured videos of this miraculous escape. After watching this video, people can understand the power of luck and how lucky was this person.

Love for Pets

Pets have always played a very important role in the lives of many people like me. It is always a great experience to own a pet. We learn number of emotions and feelings with the help of our pets. Pets can easily fill our life with more love. People across the world like to have pets and they also do everything to make their pets comfortable. They provide all necessary items to pets like pet beds , pet space, pet utensils etc. It is very important for all people to provide all necessary facilities to their pets because pets totally remain dependent on their owners. In the present world, it is even easier to buy such items through market or number of available online stores. By taking care of all necessities of our pets, we can easily make them happy.

Watch high quality Tom & Jerry - The A-Tom-inable Snowman

Below, people can watch latest short cartoon film based on famous cartoon characters of Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry are those few cartoon characters in our world who famous in every country despite various difference. This is a latest high quality Tom and Jerry which highlights their adventures in snow.

Watch high quality latest trailer Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Below, people can watch latest and 4rth trailer of forthcoming Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. This is sixth film in the Harry Potter series. This film is expected to be released in June this year. All Harry Potter fans are waiting for this film very eagerly. This film in Harry Potter series is full of more action and visual effects. Therefore, we can hope that this part will be more adventurous to watch then other parts of film.

Loksabha 2009 Election Dates Maharashtra Constituency wise

Loksabha Election 2009 will take place in three phases in Maharashtra on 16 April (first phase), 23 April (second phase) and 30 April (third phase). Due to large geographical area and sensitivity of state Loksabha elections will take place in three phases in Maharashtra. There are total 48 constituencies in Maharashtra out of which 13 constituencies will go to vote on 16 April in first phase 25 constituencies on 23 April in second phase and remaining10 in third phase on 30 April. Below people can find the name of constituencies which will poll on 16 April, 23 April and 30 April. Maharashtra constituencies going to vote on 16 April 1) Akola 2) Amravati 3) Bhandara- Gondiya 4) Buldhana 5) Chandrapur 6) Gadchiroli-Chimur 7) Hingoli 8) Nagpur 9) Nanded 10) Parbhani 11) Ramtek 12) Wardha 13) Yavatmal-Washim Maharashtra Constituencies going to vote on 23 April 1) Ahmednagar 2) Aurangabad 3) Baramati 4) Beed 5) Dhule 6) Dindori 7) Hatkanangle 8) Jalna 9) Jalgaon 10) Kolhapur 11) Latur 12) Ma

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Loksabha Election 2009 Phase wise and State wise Details

Below, people can find detailed information about Loksabha election 2009. Loksabha (Parliamentary) elections will take place in 5 phases between 16 April and 13 May 2009. Results of all these phases will be declared on 16 May. P1- Phase 1 16 April P2- Phase 2 23 April P3- Phase 3 30 April P4- Phase 4 7 May P5- Phase 5 13 May STATES/ UTs Const. PHASES P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 Andhra Pradesh 42 2 22 20 0 0 0 Arunachal Pradesh 2 1 2 0 0 0 0 Assam 14 2 3 11 0 0 0 Bihar 40 4 13 13 11 3 0 Goa 2 1 0 2 0 0 0 Gujarat 26 1 0 0 26 0 0 Haryana 10 1 0 0 0 10 0 Himachal Pradesh 4 1 0 0 0 0 4 Jammu & Kashmir 6 5 1 1 1 1 2 Karnataka 28 2 0 17 11 0 0 Kerala 20 1 20 0 0 0 0 Madhya Pradesh 29