Dark Truth of Ragging in India

Recent death of 19 year old Aman Satya Kachru due to ragging has again put question mark on all claims of governments and various college administrations that no ragging is going on in Indian colleges. Aman was first year student of Rajindra Prasad Medical College, Tanda (Kangra). He became victim of ragging and negligence on the part of college authorities.

Aman was beaten so badly by few seniors for reporting ragging incidence to college authorities that he died few hours after due to these injuries. In past also ragging has claimed lives of many innocent students across India in various colleges, however, apathy is that government has not done anything concrete to stop this menace. Only Supreme Court of India has made few laws in this direction and ordered governments to take strict actions against those found guilty in these cases.

However, problem is that very less numbers of these cases are reported by authorities to police because of attached reputation of college. We can only see more such cases if governments do not make some strict laws and also start following them. After this incident, Himachal government has passed anti ragging law to control ragging menace present in Himachal colleges. Though, we need some proactive steps from governments so that these incidences can be stopped before they go worse.
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