Supreme Court blow hopes of Sanjay Dutt and other criminals to contest elections

Supreme Court of India today rejected the petition of Sanjay Dutt in which he asked before Supreme Court to allow him to contest Loksabha election. However, Sanjay Dutt forgets that it is clearly mentioned in the Representative act that no person should contest for Loksabha election who is sentenced for more than two years of imprisonment where as Sanjay Dutt is sentenced for six year of imprisonment and currently out on bail.

Sanjay Dutt thought that he will be able to get relief from Supreme Court due to his popularity, however, Supreme Court clarified with this judgement that rules are same for every person irrespective of his position or popularity in society. This decision will also give big jolt to all criminals resting inside various Indian jails who also want to contest these Loksabha elections. If anyhow, Supreme Court have given any relief to Sanjay Dutt then numbers of other such convicts must also have filed their petitions in Supreme Court to allow them to contest elections.

Then Supreme Court will have no other option but to allow these criminals too to contest elections. It is sad from the part of Sanjay Dutt that he decided to present a wrong example in front of others. It is very important for the welfare of India to stop these criminals from coming in to parliament and making laws for us. I highly appreciate this decision of Supreme Court of India which will help in cleaning our parliamentary system.
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