Option of saving money in the form of gold

Today, we all can find numbers of options available in front of us for saving our hard earned money. However, it becomes very difficult to choose right options for investing our money. Every option make number of claims of increasing our money, however, many times we do not get the desired results like recent returns of various mutual funds and stocks. Recent downfall in stock market has forced large numbers of people to think about other options for saving money. Recent increase in the price of gold has again made gold investment as attractive investment options. People can easily buy gold in form of coins like us gold coins. People can easily buy gold through number of merchants which offer gold coins at very attractive price. The main advantage with gold buying is that it always gives good returns to people. In history, we can find many examples where gold has saved people from bankruptcy and financial problem. Moreover, we also do not see steep price decrease in gold, therefore making it a safe investment option.
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