Will Varun Gandhi be new hope for BJP?

As we all are aware of recent controversy related to Varun Gandhi and verdict of election commission about him. For those people who do not know anything about this controversy then I will like to give a slight summery of whole event. This whole controversy started when media highlighted videos of Varun Gandhi saying communally sensitive words.

Election commission (EC) took tough stand on this matter and asked BJP to not allow Varun Gandhi to contest from Pilibhit on BJP ticket. Varun Gandhi and BJP sighted this whole verdict of Election Commission as a move to malign Varun and BJP without properly investigating this case and leaking their answer to media. However, this whole incident has created smile on the faces of many BJP members who are struggling for big issues.

This recent controversy has put forward Varun Gandhi as a strong Hindu leader and there are good chances that Varun can provide good help to BJP in again gaining image of a strong Hinduvadi Party which it used to enjoy earlier. This hardliner Hindutava image helped BJP in winning 1999 elections and making government at centre, however, failure of BJP government to construct Ram temple at Ayodhiya forced many people to abandon their support for BJP.

Failure of BJP in 2004 elections was clearly due to this reason. Presently, BJP is again seeing revival of this fact again by putting forward Varun Gandhi as face of BJP; therefore, BJP has already come in strong favour of Varun Gandhi. In future, we can see Varun Ghandi holding a good position and say in BJP due to this new image gained by him.

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