Tata for mega launch of Tata Nano (live launch)

Finally much awaited day of Tata Nano’s launch has come as Tata is going to launch their one lakh rupee car Tata Nano on 23rd March. Last year, Tata Nano became big news when Tata showed prototype of Tata Nano to public. Though, Tata Nano will not exactly cost Rs 1 Lakh as now it will cost Rs 1.30 Lakh. However, still Rs 1.3 Lakh will not be a big price for many Indians because a simple auto rickshaw cost more than 1.5 Lakh rupees.

After launch, Tata Nano will become most economical car in India and world. Tata will announce all latest news and future plans related to Tata Nano during Monday’s launch. Booking of Tata Nano is likely to start from second week of April. Tata is expecting to generate revenue of Rs 350-400 crore through booking amount. People are required to pay Rs 70000 in advance for booking a Tata Nano car.

Tata has already signed agreements with numbers of PSU banks including SBI for providing loans to the buyers of Nano. Tata Nano is likely to give major push to number of ailing segments of economy like auto, insurance, car loans, car components etc. Tata Nano is also very important for Tata group and Tata Motors because Tata motors is struggling financially and promoters have pledged more than 12% shares of Tata Motors to generate immediate cash. Tata Motors is also in trouble due to mounting loan paying pressure on it.

So, we can say that hopes of large numbers of people and corporate are dependent on the success of Tata Nano. Presently, Tata is happy after seeing huge response of Tata Nano. Tata and Mumbai police is expecting that record numbers of people will witness the launch of Tata Nano. Tata Nano will also put pressure on other car makers in India and world to launch more competitive and economical products.

Live Nano Launch option 1
Live Nano Launch option 2
Live Nano Launch option 3

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