Does Pakistan is becoming victim of self made terrorism?

Today, whole world saw terrorist attack on police academy in Lahore, Pakistan. These kinds of terrorist attacks are becoming very common in Pakistan. Every day we hear such news where terrorist attack different locations in Pakistan. Initially, Punjab province of Pakistan was considered safe from terrorist attacks. However, today no place in Pakistan is safe from terrorist attacks.

Pakistan government is blaming Jihadi and Afghani terrorists behind all these attacks; however, Pakistan forgets that it has provided safe haven to large numbers of terrorist organisations from last many years. Pakistan helped numbers of these terrorist organisations involved in India (Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir) and Afghanistan to destabilise their governments. Now, these terrorists who used to work under the command of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI are creating threat for Pakistan itself.

These terrorist organisations have become so strong that they have no fear of Pakistan government and they are even planning to over through it. Present, Pakistan government has realised this threat and they are working hard to control this situation, however, situation has totally gone out of control. Pakistan and Pakistani people are facing these threats because earlier Pakistani governments and ISI supported these terrorists.

Situation in Pakistan would have been much better if Pakistan did not supported this policy of supporting terrorism in other nations. It is very important for Pakistan to understand that terrorism is threat for whole world and nobody can benefit from it. In future, we can hope that Pakistan will understand this fact and stop promoting terrorism in other nations.
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