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It looks that Varun Gandhi has become a big name in Indian politics overnight after some of his communally sensitive video tapes were made public by media. Though, Varun Gandhi has clearly stated that these video tapes are tempered with to malign his name, however, still he has emerged as big hero for large numbers of people who support his views and to his party BJP. BJP has come in full support of Varun Gandhi and they are likely to project Varun Ghandi as star campaigner for BJP. Below, I am sharing important points related to Varun Gandhi for all those people who do not know much about him.

1) Varun Gandhi is only son of Late Congress leader and elder son of Indira Ghandi Sanjay Ghandi.
2) His mother name is Maneka Ghandi, who is currently member of BJP and Loksabha MP.
3) He is also cousin brother of Rahul Ghandi and Priyanka Ghandi.
4) He was born on March 13, 1980.
5) His Father died when he was just four year old.
6) Varun Gandhi also loves to write poems during his free time.
7) Varun is contesting for first time for Loksabha.
8) His great grandfather was first Prime Minster of India Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
9) He completed his economics graduation of London School of Economics and master degree from School of Oriental and African Studiesin London.
10) Pilibhit is like home constituency for Varun Ghandi as his mother has won this Loksabha seat for six times.
11) Varun is presently facing criminal charges for giving a communally sensitive speech during elections.

Video/report Varun Gandhi’s communally sensitive statements-

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