Finally IPL out of India

Today, BCCI announced that they have decided to take popular home 20-20 cricket tournament out of India. The major reason behind this announcement was failure of many state governments and finally centre government in providing adequate security to IPL matches. This was only option left with BCCI to conduct IPL in parallel to Loksabha elections. Now, IPL matches will be either played in England or South Africa.

BCCI is still to finalise final location. The good news for IPL fans in India is that they will be able to watch these matches at same times in India at which they watched last year IPL matches. Despite the location of IPL tournament IPL matches will start as per India time of 4 PM and 8 PM, therefore, it will not cause any problem to all IPL fans. However, this move will definitely affect IPL franchises.

All IPL franchises will now loss money which they were earning from match tickets, hoardings etc and their only revenue option will be share of TV rights revenue. This move will also dishearten all IPL fans who were planning to watch these matches in stadium and to cheer their home teams. In present scenario, it is very essential for BCCI to conduct IPL tournament in this season because in future it will become very difficult for BCCI to manage timings for IPL tournament due to commitments of players and teams for other international matches.

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