Chances of UPA is Loksabha Election 2009

Slowly, we are entering in to the final phase of Loksabha election 2009. These elections will be held in five phases between April 16 and May 13. Counting for votes for all these phases will take place on May 16. In these elections, we can see main fight between two political alliances UPA and NDA. UPA is lead by Congress and NDA is lead by BJP. Presently, UPA lead government is present in India with outside support of Samajwadi Party.

Both these alliances are making numbers of claims of making government at centre every day. However, we all know that it will not be easy for any one of them to make new government. At present, UPA alliance looks closer to make government at centre than NDA or third front. As per the latest estimates and predictions, UPA is likely to get seats between 210 and 235. With these numbers, UPA can easily think about making a government at centre with the support of parties like SP, BSP or left.

UPA has recently made new alliance in West Bengal with Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress which will increase final telly of UPA by 15-20 seats. UPA is also likely to gain from split between BJP and BJD in Orissa. Whereas NDA is likely to get seats between 170 and 190, which will no way help NDA in making new government at centre? The other reason which increases chances of UPA to make new government is that more numbers of regional parties are open to UPA than to NDA.

However, exact position will be available in front of us on counting day because few seats here and there can change fate of both alliances. There are at least 100-120 seats in Loksabha which can go either way. Therefore, final option available in front of us will be to wait for final results.

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