Getting Indian 7280000 crore rupees back from Swiss Banks

Corruption is not a new thing in India and common people of India are facing this problem from past many years. Recently, people of India got a chance to understand the extent of this corruption when Swiss government announced that their banks have maximum sum of black money from India. Indian corrupt people topped in this list as Swiss government estimated that their banks hold black money from India in the tune of 2000000 to 7280000 crore rupees.

This news clearly highlights that India tops in corruption thanks to some of these corrupt people and leaders. If India gets back this money from Swiss Banks then lots of developments projects can be easily started in India without getting excess tax from people or printing extra cash. Moreover, this money becomes very important in the times of economic slowdown. However, the main problem is that our present government is not taking this matter seriously.

It is very important for our government and all people of India to get this money back because this money belongs to people of India. People of India have earned this money with their hard work in last many years, however, some corrupt people have stolen this hard earned money of people from them and put it in Swiss banks for their own use. It will be very sad affair if we failed in getting this money back despite getting a golden chance. For getting this money it is very important for our government and people of India to take some hard steps.

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Yesterday, Kapil Sibal was giving explaining on L.K. Advani request when he requested PM Manmohan Singh to visit G-20 summit that he should have the names of those holding accounts in Swiss Banks. Kapil Sibal was quite offened as his and his party's accounts are also there in that bank. He said L.K. Advani is no body to advise PM. It is only with the mass moment of people such an action is possible. But, before that many powerful will have their money moved from that bank. So once, someone take this type of details, the details should be sought for 2000-2009 so that how much BJP and Congress people have put in the bank is know.

Rajinder Katoch
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