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Bomb Blasts in Gujarat and Maharashtra

It looks that India is slowly becoming main target of terrorists as bomb explosions have become common affair here. Today, there are two more news of bomb blasts in two different towns of Gujarat and Maharashtra. First blast took place at 9:45 PM in crowded market of Modasa town of Sabarkantha district (Gujarat). In this blast, two person have died and around 7 people got injured. This blast is on the same pattern of Delhi Mehrauli Blast and terrorist used Hero Honda motorbike to through bomb. Second blast has taken place at communally sensitive town Malegaon of Maharashtra. In this blast, one person has died and 3 people are reported injured. Crowd at Malegaon town restored to violence after this blast and police used force to calm this agitation. These two blasts have again put question mark over Indian intelligence agencies and working of police. Many festivals of various religions are either starting or they are in progress; therefore, threats could be very high for ordinary people

Timetable/Schedule Four nation 20-20 Canada Cup

From 10th Oct people can again enjoy 20-20 cricket because four nations 20-20 Canada Cup is going to start. Four teams participating in this tournament are Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Canada and Zimbabwe. Cricket fans will get opportunity to watch 8 20-20 matches during this cup. All the matches will be played at Maple Leaf North-West Ground, King City, Canada. Below, people can find time table and schedule of this cup. Timetable/Schedule Four nation 20-20 Canada Cup Date Time Match Teams 10th Oct 13:30 GMT 1st Match Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe (19:00 IST) 10th Oct 17:30 GMT 2nd Match Canada vs Pakistan (23:00 IST) 11th Oct 13:30 GMT 3rd Match Zimbabwe vs Canada (19:00 IST) 11th Oct 17:30 GMT 4th Match Sri Lanka vs Pakistan (23:00 IST) 12th Oct 13:30 GMT 4rth Match Pakistan vs Zimbabwe (19:00 IST) 12th Oct 17:30 GMT 5th Match Canada vs Sri Lanka (23:00 IST) 13th Oct 13:30 GMT Match for 3rd Between Teams at 3rd and 4th place (19:00 IST) pl

Time Table/schedule India Vs Australia test series

Below, people can time table of forth coming 4 match test series between India and Australia. Australian cricket team has already reached India and presently busy in practise at Jaipur. India has good hopes of winning this series because most of Australian team is full of inexperienced players. This test series will start on 9th Oct at Bangalore and ends on 6th Nov at Nagpur. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Time Table India Vs Australia four Test matches Date Time Match Place 9 Oct 9:30 AM 1st test match Bangalore 17 Oct 9:30 AM 2nd test match Chandigarh 29 Oct 9:30 AM 3rd test match Delhi 6 Nov 9:30 AM 4th test match Nagpur

Watch Abhishek Bachan's interview for film Drona

Below, people can watch Abhishek Bachan’s interview for his forthcoming film Drona. Abhishek Bachan starrer film Drona is going to release next week. Presently, Abhishek Bachan can be seen promoting this film at various shows. Abhishek and director Goldie Behl have lot of expectations from this film. According to Abhishek, he is very happy after performing this role and role of Drona was physically very challenging for him. Abhishek has shot lot of action scenes for this film like jumping from a train running at speed of 90 KM/hour. Also visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Interview Brett Lee on latest Indian tour

Below, people can watch Interview of Australian Fast bowler Brett Lee on India tour. Presently, Australian team is on Indian cricket tour where it will play four test matches. Most of Australian team is full of new player who are on their first tour to India. In interview, Brett Lee said that he did not see tension between India and Australia presently and IPL has helped lot in easing this tension between two rivals. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Watch Premiere of Film Welcome To Sajjanpur

Below, people can watch Premiere videos of Last week released film Welcome To Sajjanpur. All the major stars of film were available on this event and number of others celerity too come to cheer production unit of this film. Lots of people have already appreciated this Shyam Benegal’s film, therefore, people have good hopes from this film.

New Blast in Delhi (27-9-08)

Today, Indian capital Delhi saw another blast in Mehrauli area of Delhi. This blast has taken place at 2:15 PM near flower mandi in Mehrauli. Blast was so powerful that people heard its voice 1 KM away from this place. So far, 2 people have died in this blast and more than dozen people injured in this incidence. Few children have also got injured in this blast. This blast was of same power as earlier bomb blasts in Delhi few days back. Bomb Blast was also powerful enough to break glasses of nearby shops and houses. This bomb was planted by two young men on black pulsar motorbike who through a plastic pack on the spot and ran away. Bomb was placed inside a Tiffin box. People in the area are very angry over this incidence and lack of after support to them. This blast has again put question mark over Delhi police’s claim of catching all terrorists. As per media reports, Terrorists have already given warning of conducting this blast yesterday. Delhi police has issued warning to people to r

Watch Trailer “Dostana”

Below, people can watch trailer of forthcoming film “Dostana”. This film is directed by Tarun Mansukhani who was once assistant of Karan Johar. The main cast of film includes Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra. This is also first India film which is entirely shot in Miami. Hopefully, this film will provide a great watch to all cine lovers. Also visit- Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films

McCain to suspend his campaign

Republican presidential candidate for white house john McCain has decided to suspend his presidential election campaign for few days due to financial crisis in US. McCain has told to media that presently his major concern is bailout of ailing US economy because otherwise US can be in great difficulty on financial front. McCain will go back to work and start doing work for solving this problem. McCain has also called for similar actions from other presidential candidate and his rival Barak Obama. US presidential elections are only 40 days away; therefore any such move from McCain is going to attract lot of attention. Many people believe that this is a heroic act by McCain which will increase number of his fans. Presently, it is required to be seen that how Obama will react to this decision and what will be his future action plan. Already, there are lot of worries in the mind of people in US about this economical problem which can put US again in recession for long time. Presently, we ar

Report on Azamgarh’s terror links

After Delhi encounter, Azamgarh has suddenly emerged in news again because of its terror link. Earlier, also Azamgarh was on focus of investigating agencies for these kinds of links. Yesterday, hundreds of Delhi police men with local police raided many houses in Azamgarh. Though, police failed in making any big breakthrough in establishing this link. Below, people can watch report by NDTV on this issue which can provide more clarity on this issue. This report can help us in learning by Amazgarh is emerging as breeding ground for terrorists.

Watch Live CCTV footage of Islamabad Marriott hotel Blast

Below, people can watch live CCTV footage of deadly Islamabad Marriott hotel blast. This was one of the deadliest blasts which killed 53 people and hundreds of people got injured. This truck was carrying 600 KG of explosion which caused 25 feet deep hole in ground. Damage could have been much more if truck was not stopped by security personals at security gate. Below, people can watch this video of blast.

Rahul Ghandi says no Marriage but want to become PM

There is bad news for lot of Rahul Ghandi fans who wants to see him getting married soon because Rahul Ghandi told to media and party workers during his recent Punjab visit that he does not have time for marriage. Rahul Gahndi told that he even does not have time for eating, therefore, how he can think about marriage. So in simple words we can say that Rahul Ghandi is too busy to get married soon. Rahul Ghandi has already crossed 38 years of age, however, in India age between 25-30 is considered as best age for marriage. Due to this reason, we see lot of talk about his marriage. However, simultaneously there is good news for his fans that Rahul Ghandi expressed his views openly about becoming Prime minster of India during same visit. Therefore, we can say that Rahul Ghandi looks more focused on PM post than getting marriage. Though, it is not clear so far Rahul Ghandi is thinking about becoming Prime Minister of India next year if his party comes to power again in Loksabha Election sch

Recent Indian Landslide floods report

Below, people can watch landslide and flood report by Reuters on India. Presently, India is suffering from major landslide and flood situations at various parts. Heavy Manson rains have caused huge damage at many places in India. Many hilly states like Himachal have suffered many Landsides where more than dozen people have died and landslides have caused damage to lot of local property. Presently, floods are also affecting many states of India and situation is very alarming at many parts.

Thought of Day (23-09-08)

Below people can enjoy very beautiful Thought of Day. This thought tells us about the habit of constant work and planning. " The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night." By Henry W.Lomgfelow Have a nice Day. For more Thoughts visit- Get Thought of day Read different Thoughts of Day Collection of “Thoughts of Day”

Sanjay Dutt’s autobiography to come soon

Famous Indian Star Sanjay Dutt is soon going to come with his autobiography. Sanjay Dutt has started writing about his life experience which will be published in his autobiography, though, Snajay will only write in his free time. Sanjay has a very old desire to publish his autobiography, however, this idea never became a reality in past. However, thanks to Sanjay Dutt’s better half Manyata, who encouraged her husband to write and publish his autobiography. Manyata is already in talks with many publishers to publish Sanjay’s autobiography. As Sanjay is writing in his free time, therefore, people are required to wait for long time to read this book. Below, people can also watch ANI’s report on this news. Also visit- Sanjay Dutt-Manyata Marriage controversy Sanjay Manyata Marriage Update and Videos Video update of Sanjay Dutt-Manyata Marraiage Sanjay Manyata Marriage reality

Missing Trust among women

There are few things which are very common in women world and one of it is lack of trust among women. There are large numbers of women in this world who find difficulty in trusting other women, while they find it easy to trust a man. On other hand, situation is opposite for most of men, mostly men trust other men more than they trust women. This is also one of the major reasons behind control of men on this world. Men succeed in most political battles because they succeed in getting support of other men and women, while women only succeed in getting support of men only. Due to this reason, it is difficult for women to emerge as big power in this world. In India, we all have seen failure of 33% quota bill in parliament because women failed in getting support for this bill. Men know that it is possible for them to control women. However, slowly situations are also changing and women are becoming more oriented towards their own rights. They are becoming more independent. Still lot is requ

How safe are private Indian Banks?

Recent, Financial crisis in US has already swallowed three banks out of top five banks and fourth bank is ready to join this group. US is a big financial power in present world and any crisis in US will definitely affect whole world. Now, how this crisis is going to hit Indian banks specially, private Indian banks. Already, banks like ICICI have suffered major loses in their US business. This financial crisis has also gripped banks of many other countries like UK. Overall, banks around the world are going through bad times; therefore, we are seeing acquisition and mergers in this sector. It is difficult to tell exactly that how world banking crisis will affect Indian banks but one thing is clear that this crisis will put more pressure on Indian banks. Moreover, this crisis will affect more to those banks which have more exposure to US market. Though at present there is no big worrying sign for these banks because Indian banks have solid financial condition and India government has assu

Watch a sneezing Panda

Below, people can enjoy very funny video of a sneezing Panda. We all might have seen many people sneezing, however, to watch a Panda sneezing is a rare opportunity because Panda itself is a rare animal. Animal also do have their special moments which we sometimes got opportunity to see with these kinds of videos. Also visit- Video of Tiger Attacking a Man on Elephant Video of Leopard attacking Men Video for CAT lovers (Fat CAT ) Watch a Pig attacking a Lion Lion kissing and hugging a Woman Top videos of Youtube 2007 Video of Lion Loving men Watch how two Elephants are saved

Listen to Ganesha Stotram

After adding Ganesha Mantras, now it is turn of Ganesha Stotram. All devotees of lord Ganesha can enjoy his blessings by listening to this Stotram. Like Ganesh Mantras, Ganesh Stotram is very powerful and gives multiple rewards to people who sincerely chant or listen to it. This Stotram is also known as SANKATA NASHANA GANESHA STOTRAM because it removes SANKATS (problems) of devotees. So enjoy blessing of Lord Ganesha by listening to this Stotram. Also visit- List of Mantra, Mantra downloads, Aartis and religious Video on this blog

List of Mantra, Mantra downloads, Aartis and religious Video on this blog

People can check this post regularly for all addition of new mantras, mantra downloads, Aartis, pictures and religious videos. Here people can find complete list of all material available on this blog. Moreover, this post will be updated regularly whenever any new material added to this blog. 1) Listen to Ganesha Stotram 2) Watch and Listen to Ganesha Mantra (Om Gann Ganapataye Namoh Namaha) 3) Listen to nonstop Ganesh Mantra 4) Listen and download Shree Shani Stotram 5) Listen and download Shani Mantra 6) Shinganapur Maharashtra Shani Dham pictures cum video 7) Shani Mantra and Pictures 8) Video of Sai Baba Shirdi Temple 9) Lord Shiva Aarti 10) My Visit to Maa Vaishno Devi (Pictures) 11) Maa Vaishno Devi yatra Pictures cum video 12) Floating Stone and tunnel at Khud Baba Temple 13) Photo of Hari-Ki-Pauri (Haridwar,India) 14) Photo of Hari-Ki-Pauri-2 (Haridwar,India) 15) Shani Mantras (multiple links)

Watch and Listen to Ganesha Mantra (Om Gann Ganapataye Namoh Namaha)

Below, people can watch and Listen to Ganesha Mantra “Om Gann Ganapataye Namoh Namaha”. This mantra is one of very powerful mantras in Hindu religion and it believed that chanting of this mantra complete all wishes of a person. God Ganesha is favorite God of devotees because he never let down his devotees. People can listen to this mantra and watch God Ganesha pictures with the help of video available below. Also visit- Listen to nonstop Ganesh Mantra Listen and download Shree Shani Stotram Listen and download Shani Mantra Shinganapur Maharashtra Shani Dham pictures cum video Shani Mantra and Pictures Video of Sai Baba Shirdi Temple Lord Shiva Aarti My Visit to Maa Vaishno Devi (Pictures) Floating Stone and tunnel at Khud Baba Temple

Watch a Pig attacking a Lion

Mostly, we all see lion as big hunter and we believe that all animals fear from Lion. However, video available below can change our thinking about this concept completely. In this video, people can watch a pig attacking a Lion and forcing him to leave his place. These kinds of videos are very rare because we do not see these kinds of events often. Also visit- Video of Tiger Attacking a Man on Elephant Video of Leopard attacking Men Video for CAT lovers (Fat CAT ) Lion kissing and hugging a Woman Top videos of Youtube 2007 Video of Lion Loving men Watch how two Elephants are saved

Pictures of Deepika Padukone

Below, people can watch pictures of beautiful Indian film actress Deepika Padukone. Deepika Padukone is today one of the most hot favourite heroine of India and she has millions of fans across the world. Beauty wise it is very difficult to compare her with any other heroine because she enjoys a unique beauty. In future, we can hope for even more increase in popularity of this star. Pictures of Deepika are available from different parts of her life in this 5 minute long presentation. Also visit- Watch Pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachan Abhishek Aishwarya together pictures Childhood Pictures of Aishwarya

Live Currency Convertor

With the help of gadget available below, people can covert different currency against each other with live currency rates. Currency rate conversion option is available for most of nations. It is very easy to use this gadget. People are only required to select both currencies which they want to convert in each other and input value in numbers of amount which they want to convert. This currency converter provides average rates of currencies from daily trade. Hopefully, people will find this gadget very helpful for their currency conversion needs. Also visit- Check PNR status (Indian Railway) Listen to Indian Radio online Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market)

Review Movie “Wall-E”

Pixar has done it again and we have one more good presentation from them in the form of Wall E. Wall E is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton (who also directed Finding Nemo). Wall E is story of a robot who is assigned job to clean polluted earth left by humans. He is present on earth alone with his cockroach friend. Wall E continues to do his cleaning job for hundreds of years in the hope that humans will return back to earth one day. One day, he suddenly met with a new advanced robot Eve and fall in love with her. In recent times, we are seeing many excellent animation films being made which are no way less than general movies. After Ratatouille Wall E is another presentation in animation films which people will love to watch. Watch movie Wall-E It is really very enjoyable experience to watch this film and this film makes us to believe on innocent character of Wall E. Wall E has shown a great performance in this film which even many real actors fails t

How healthy is John McCain?

US Presidential elections looks to be fought on every ground, therefore, we are seeing lot of personal attacks being made on opponents to increase popularity. First, it was Barak Obama, who was targeted on ethnic grounds and now it is turn of John McCain, who is presently under attack for his poor health. Though, these kinds of approaches are not good for any healthy competition but nobody wants to miss any opportunity of winning US presidential election. Presently, lot of health practitioners and people are showing concerns about health condition of John McCain. Does he is healthy enough to serve as next president of US? This is question which people are asking. Earlier, McCain was operated for invasive melanoma in 2002 and presently, he is under medication for it. Presently, he is suffering stage 2 of invasive Melanoma. Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes found in skin. It is very rare skin cancer and affects around 60000 people very year in US alone. Moreover, he is also un

Watch former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam views on Indo-US Nuclear Deal

There are still many people in India who are confused about Indo-US deal, they do not know that Nuclear deal is in Indian interest or not. All these people can watch these views expressed by Indian former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who is also associated to rocket and nuclear science. According to him, Nuclear deal is in Supreme interest of India and India will benefit lot from this deal. Also visit- Nuclear deal and nation’s politics Politics of the Nuclear Deal Who is the real winner in Indo-US Nuclear deal?

Simon's Cat video 'Cat Man Do'

In the present world, animation has emerged as great tool in the hands of artists to express them. Popular Simon’s Cat videos are also similar presentations in front of us in this series. Already, Lakhs of people around the world have watched these videos and enjoyed them. Below, people can watch last and third video of this series. Hopefully, we will get more videos in this series in future. Also visit- Simon’s cat and TV dinner Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

Below, people can enjoy second video 'Let Me In!' of popular Simon’s Cat series. Lot of people enjoyed these funny animated Cat series, therefore, I am posting these videos on my blog so that more people can enjoy these videos. In this video, Simon’s Cat is saying him to let her in and in her try to enter inside home who she do various stupid things. Also visit- Simon’s cat and TV dinner Simon's Cat video 'Cat Man Do'

Indian Mujahideen a real threat

Many people in India didn’t think Indian Mujahideen as serious threat when they first took the responsibility of serial bomb blasts in Jaipur and UP. However, by taking responsibility of recent bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and New Delhi, Indian mujahideen has shown to India that it is a real new threat for its security. Indian security agencies believe that Indian Mujahideen is not a new terrorist outfit but combination of old terrorist outfits with new names. It is also believed that terrorists of Bangladeshi origin have great role in this outfit. The major worrying sign about this outfit is that they look to be very strong in IT and planning skills. So far Indian security agencies have remained total failure in getting any know about of these terrorists. Though, Gujarat police is claiming some breakthrough in Ahmedabad blast case but recent attacks in Delhi say something else. In recent times, terrorism has again emerged as big threat for India and India needs to face with threat with lo

Does mission BAD is complete?

Yesterday, terrorists targeted Indian capital New Delhi by exploding 5 bombs at various crowded places. 20 people died in these blasts and more than 100 got injured in these blasts. This incidence again shocked whole of India which has recently suffered major blasts in Ahmadabad and Bangalore cities. Bomb Blasts in Delhi have again put focus on mission BAD of Terrorists i.e. to do blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and New Delhi. Intelligence agencies got knowledge of mission BAD of terrorists just after Bangalore blasts. However, before intelligence agencies could have done anything to stop this mission, series of bomb blast went off in Ahmedabad city killing 45 people and injuring around 100 people. At that time, there were apprehensions shown by agencies that Delhi could be next target of terrorists soon, which become clear yesterday when terrorists planted 9 bombs at different place in capital Delhi out of which 5 bombs exploded killing 20 people. With this we can say that terrorists h

Role of diet pills

In recent times, role of diet pills is becoming very important in the lives of many people because many people are showing interest towards them because of various weight increase problems. Due to this reasons, markets are also flooded with many of these drugs. Most of these drugs are available for counter sales without any prescription; therefore, people can easily access these drugs. This thing has also created problem because people fail in getting proper knowledge about good drugs. It is very difficult in present scenario to decided about best diet pills . Mostly, only option remains in front of people is to check these drugs individually and them continue one which suits them best. Or people can also get the help of consumer reviews available on net of these drugs and thus choosing a drug which other also like.

Listen to nonstop Ganesh Mantra

Below, people can listen to nonstop and very beautiful Ganesh Mantra dhun. Lord Ganesha Son of God Shiva is one of most influential Indian Gods. In India, it is believed that we must take the blessings of God Ganesha before starting any noble work; therefore, we can see Ganesh Puja being performed before any good work in India. Moreover, it is also believed that God fulfil every wish of his devotees. People can also get the blessing of Lord Ganesha by listen to his Mantras. Hopefully, you all enjoyed this Mantra. Also visit- Listen and download Shree Shani Stotram Listen and download Shani Mantra Shinganapur Maharashtra Shani Dham pictures cum video Shani Mantra and Pictures Video of Sai Baba Shirdi Temple Lord Shiva Aarti My Visit to Maa Vaishno Devi (Pictures) Floating Stone and tunnel at Khud Baba Temple

Report on Hurricane Ike causing floods in Taxis

Below, people can find report on floods caused by Hurricane Ike in Taxis US. Ike entered as category 1 hurricane Taxis after causing heavy damage in Cuba. So far, there is no news of any big damage to oil field and properties in Taxis. For more people can watch this report of Reuters Taxis.

Video Delhi Bomb Blasts (13-09-08)

Below, people can watch video and report on today’s serial bomb blasts in Indian Capital Delhi. Total 9 bombs are found from different crowded places in Delhi out of which 5 bombs exploded. 20 people have died in these blasts and more than 100 people have injured in these blasts. Reuters video- Times Now video- Also visit- Delhi Blasts Indian Mujahideen a real threat Does mission BAD is complete?

Delhi Blasts

Today, Delhi, capital of India, shocked with 5 bomb blasts in an interval of 17 minutes with first blast taking place at 6:10 PM. So far 20 people have died in these blasts and 100 people injured in these blasts. First bomb blast took place at Karol Blag, second at G K 1 (6:20 PM), third at Barakhamba (6:25 PM) and fourth at central park (6:27 PM). All bombs which took place are of low intensity and terrorists used timers to trigger these blasts. Indian Mujahideen has again taken responsibility of these blasts which had earlier taken responsibility of Jaipur and Ahmadabad blasts. Bombs were placed inside dustbins and auto rickshaws. Police has recovered one live bomb from India gate which is now diffused by police. Police has also diffused three more live bomb from an unknown location. Terrorist Police has asked people to remain alert and not panic. Police has picked a 10 year old kid Rahul who is eye witness of these blasts. He has seen two people in black clothes planting bombs in Ba

Blogging success story from India

Today, Blogging has emerged has good tool for earning lot of money in front of many Indians. Only people are required to have some skills which they can market through their blog. There are few bloggers like Amit Aggerwal of in India, who are earning lakhs of rupees per month. I will not definitely undermine this potential of blogging because I have seen blogging working for me. Though, I do not earn lakhs of rupees per month but I am happy with my good thousand odd rupees, I earn from blogging. Main thing which makes blogging a rewarding career opportunity in India is option of getting paid in dollars. 95% of the advertiser available online pay in dollar, therefore, by earning few hundred dollars anyone can earn few thousand rupees in India. Any blogger can make initial target of $1000 (Appx Rs 45000) by maintaining few good blogs. Though, everything is not just that simple, blogger are required to sell themselves hard online and it takes few years at least one year before

Watch Shahid Kapoor latest interview on Kareena Kapoor

It was time when Shahid and Kareena love story was very popular and many people started believing that they are made for each other. However, something terribly went wrong in their relationship and Kareena found her new lover in Saif Ali Khan. For long, there was silence from both Shahid and Karina about their ended relation. Recently, Shahid Kapoor spoke about present state of their relation; he told that he is not in touch with Kareena Kapoor anymore. With this we can believe that once hot favorite relation has ended forever. Below, people can watch this interview of Shahid Kapoor. Also visit- Interview of Kareena Kapoor About Shahid Kapoor Watch Interview of Shahid Kapoor Video interview of Shahid Kapoor for Film Kismat Konnection

Interview of Kareena Kapoor

Below, people can watch all available interviews of Kareena Kapoor to NDTV channel. Karina Kapoor is today one of most hyped and discussed film star in India. Kareena mostly remains in news because of her relations with different stars especially love relations. With the help of these interviews, people can learn more about their favorite star and what she thinks about different matters including her love life. Video 1 part 1 Video 1 Part 2 Video 2 Karina on Romance Video 3 Also visit- Watch Shahid Kapoor latest interview on Kareena Kapoor About Shahid Kapoor Watch Interview of Shahid Kapoor Video interview of Shahid Kapoor for Film Kismat Konnection

First ever “in situ” Liver Transplant In India

Finally, India took another step toward medical advancement when team of 20 doctors at Army Research and Referral Hospital New Delhi conducted first ever “in situ” liver transplant successfully. “In situ” is liver transplant technique in which liver from single donor is divided in to two parts for saving lives of two separate patients suffering from liver problem. Liver for this transplant is taken from dying Army officer’s wife who was in coma and then transplanted in to a 14 month boy and 26 year old solider. Both these patients are now doing well. Hopefully, success of this transplant will save lives of many other patients suffering from liver problems. Below, people can also watch NDTV’s report on this transplant. Also visit- What is liver and how it works? (Animated Video) 18 Ways to protect Liver

Indian Rupee becoming weak againt dollar

Last year when rupee touched 38 rupees mark against dollar then very few people has these hopes that rupee will again become weak against dollar in near future. However, recent decline in growth of various sectors and poor performance by leading Indian companies have put dollar in the stable state. Two day back rupee touched 45.57/58 rupee mark which is the weakest show of rupee against dollar in last two years. Presently, many experts believe that Rupee can see more weakening because there are no signs of any recovery from any major sector. Though, other experts also believe that this is a temporary phenomenon and rupee will regain its stable position against dollar once Indian major sectors starts showing growth again. Overall, dollar has registered a growth against most of world major currency; therefore, Indian rupee is not an exception. Below, people can also watch NDTV’s report on recent decline in rupee against dollar.

Interview of Sushil Kumar

Below, people can watch interview of Sushil Kumar and his coach Guru Satpal to NDTV India. Sushil Kumar is bronze medal winner in wrestling event in just held Beijing Olympic Games. During this interview, Sushil and his coach are telling about their experience in Beijing Olympics. People can learn more about Sushil Kumar and his life with the help of this interview. This interview is available in Hindi. Also visit- Video of Weightlifting Accident Beijing Olympic 2008 Videos of Cuban taekwondo athlete Angel Matos kicking the referee Highlights of Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony Beijing Olympics 2008 Pictures Video Abhinav Bindra getting Gold medal Watch Abhinav Bindra’s complete Gold medal presentation ceremony Usain Bolt won 200m gold in Beijing Olympics Interview of Usain Bolt (fastest man on world)

Get free SMS Stock alerts/tips for BSE/NSE

Useful tips can provide lot of help in investing properly in stock market because most of the times, stock markets remain volatile moving up or down. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for individuals to take right decision in this kind of environment. However, some tips or helps from experts can provide lot of help to us in this situation. Below, people can find two options to get free SMS tips/alerts on their mobile. People are required to send SMS with Keyword written below to respective number and shortly, they will start receiving free SMS alerts. Option 1- SMS “JOIN STOCKLINE” to “567673434” Option 2- SMS "JOIN FREESTOCKIDEA" to "567678" or Enter mobile number below Option 3- SMS "MARKETFASTFOOD" to "567678" or Enter mobile number below Option 4- SMS "JOIN MARKETBITS" to "567678" or Enter mobile number below Also read-1) Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market) 2) Live Indian Stock Market 3) Stock Market below 13000

Learn more about Big Bang Experiment (video)

Large numbers of people across the world want to know about Big Bang Experiment which is going to be conducted today by scientists. Many scientists and people have feared that this experiment can cause whole earth to disappear and become a black hole. To remove people’s fear and make them understand more about this experiment, this video is made by girl who is telling about this experiment through this video. Hopefully, this video will remove some of people’s fear relate to this video. Also visit- End of world on Wednesday?

Listen to Hindi FM radio Online

Below, I am adding option to listen Hindi FM radios online. This FM radios run 24 hour Hindi music which people can enjoy. This online FM radio channels to do run at low internet speed, therefore, hopefully, people will not get any problem in listening to this FM channel. So enjoy online Hindi Music. Also visit Listen to Indian Radio online to get more online radio options. In future, I will add more online FM radio channels on this blog. Radio FM Hindustani Music

Us to cut 8000 troops in Iraq and increase 4500 troops in Afghanistan

Bush administration has made plans to withdraw around 8000 troops from Iraq by next February. President of America George Bush told this to people during a press conference. This will be a small relief to people of Iraq who are asking for immediate withdrawal of all America forces from their land. Even after this cut, there will still remain 1.38 Lakh American soldiers in US; therefore, cut of 8000 soldiers will not be a give deal for people of Iraq. Bush told that he is making this reduction because he is seeing improvement in Iraq. While on the other hand, Bush also expressed in his interest of increasing 4500 troops in Afghanistan because of increase in violence there. Presently, Bush is under lot of criticism for his role in Iraq from Iraqis and people of whole world. Below, people can also watch Reuters report on this withdrawal.

Thought of Day (10/09/08)

Below, people can find very beautiful thought of day about getting things in life. Hopefully, people will understand the importance of doing hard work for their dreams. " In this life we get only those things for which we hunt, for which we strive, and for which we are willing to sacrifice ." Author- Unknown Have a nice Day. For more Thoughts visit- Get Thought of day Read different Thoughts of Day Collection of “Thoughts of Day”

Asif Ali Zardari as new President of Pakistan

It is really hard to believe that today, Asif Ali Zardari is new president of Pakistan. Just more than a year back, Zardari was even not allowed to enter Pakistan; however, sudden death of his wife and popular Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto turned fortunes in his favour and put him in lime light. After the death of his wife, he emerged as very strong leader in Pakistani politics. Therefore, he tried to test his popularity by fighting for presidential election. He definitely succeeded in this test by huge margin as he secured 482 votes in his favour out of total 702 votes cast. Therefore, we can say that Zardari held a good support for his candidature. Earlier, there were expectations that fight for President post will become tougher for Zardari after Nawas Sharif withdrawing support from ruling alliance. With this win, Zardari has definitely emerged as strongest civilian leader in Pakistan. He is 14th President of Pakistan. Hopefully, people of Pakistan will get benefited from his vic

Watch Reuters reports on floods in India, Bangladesh and Philippines

Below, people can watch Reuter’s reports on floods in India, Bangladesh and Philippines. Presently, these Asian nations are facing heavy floods in some parts causing huge loss to human lives, live stocks and infrastructure. Floods are very common in these parts of world and every year, thousands of people lost their lives due to these floods. ALso visit- Videos of recent Floods in India and Nepal

End of world on Wednesday?

Presently, this is biggest query which I am getting from lots of people. Everyone wants to know that are we really going to die on this Wednesday. For this, we can thank to our media channels and news papers, which are running this story that we can die on Wednesday because some scientists in Geneva are going to conduct an experiment called Big Bang Experiment. Actually, scientists want to know that how our world evolved and they are hoping to find their answers with the help of this experiment. ALso visit Learn more about Big Bang Experiment (video) More than 7000 scientists from 85 different countries are involved in this experiment and they have made underground 27 KM long loop below French Swiss boarder to conduct this experiment where they will fire micro particulars less than size of atom. Now, how we are going to die due to this experiment then answer is that few scientists (not part of this program) believe that this experiment could be dangerous and can cause our earth to be

Watch Cricket heroes

Cricket is no doubt a very popular game in most of cricket playing nations. People here respect their cricket stars as god and do not miss any opportunity to watch a cricket game. Below, people can watch very good presentation on these cricket heroes who have made this game so popular with their hard work. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Watch Priyanka Chopra in Drona

Below, people can watch promo song of Priyanka Chopra from her forthcoming film “Drona”. This Abhishek Bachan and Priyanka Chopra starrer film is going to be released soon. Priyanka is looking very promising and hot in this film; therefore, let’s hope that people will like this film. Also visit- Trailer of Abhishek Bachan’s “Drona” Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films

Controversial statement of jaya Bachan

When it starts looking that UP/Bihar Vs Maharashtra fight is losing its importance then suddenly, a new controversy changes the whole picture. Recently, during music launch of Abhishek Bachan’s forthcoming film “Drona”, Jaya Bachan made a controversial statement which can further fuel this controversy. Jaya told to people that she will speak in Hindi because she belongs to UP and people of Maharashtra can forgive her. This is really unwanted statement from respected MP and big film personality. Already, people on both sides have suffered lot due to this controversy created by few big leaders for their own benefits. We can hope that Respected Jayaji will not made similar statements again and fuel further tension.

Google released Picasa 3

Already large numbers of people on internet are using Google’s Picasa software and website for managing their photographs. For making it further easier for people to add, manage and distribute their photographs Google has released Picasa 3, new version of web photo managing and sharing tool Picasa, which according to Google is easiest version of Picasa 3 to use. Highlights of Picasa 3 will be its strong editing tools which will make it easier for users to fix photographs. With the help of Picasa 3, now people will able to make many improvements in their pictures easily by pressing few buttons and even without having much knowledge of higher photo editing tools. People can easily add texts to their photos crop them and fix minor problems easily with Picasa 3. Picasa 3 will definitely change concept of photo sharing and editing in coming days. Moreover, Google has also added new features like Name Tags and explore for managing and exploring photographs. People can easily learn more about

Web Designing Success Story

Around the world, many IT companies are making big success stories and some of these companies have emerged from nowhere. This is only hard work and creativity of few people which have given their companies a bug success in this competitive world. People who also want to achieve success in web designing can get the help of other people experience. One of such story is Traction, a San Francisco based advertising and marketing firm which has achieved great success in this field. This company was started by its CEO and his co-workers in 2001 from a small room. Below, people can learn more about Traction, its working style and its people by watching this video. Hopefully, people will learn many tips from this video.

Thought of Day on understanding (05/09/08)

Below, people can find beautiful thought of day on understanding. Many people in this fail in understanding themselves despite understanding thousands of other people. It is very important for any person to understand himself first before understanding others because we spend our most of life with ourselves only. " The Most difficult phases in life is not when no one understands you; It is when you don't understand yourself... " Author - Unknown Have a nice Day. For more Thoughts visit- Get Thought of day Read different Thoughts of Day Collection of “Thoughts of Day”

Watch and Listen to very romantic Punjabi Love Song

Last year, I added one of my favourite Punjabi Sad songs ( Enjoy one of my Favorite Punjabi Sad Song ) here on this blog which was then liked by many people. Today, I am adding very romantic Punjabi Love song (koi pichle janam di saadi tere naal honi galbaat) which I also believe that every person will like. Last time, many people asked for the translation of Punjabi Sad song, therefore, this time I am adding short translation of this blog in advance so that people can understand this song. About Song- “In this song, A female lovers is telling her love that she has some acquaintance with him from last birth, therefore, she is finding it very hard to live without him. She is expressing her feeling in different ways” Want to enjoy Life learn Punjabi (Language of Love ) Also visit Top Punjabi Songs

Watch Funny commercial 12 (Women driver)

Finally time for some laugh, therefore, I am embedding below a very funny commercial titled “women driver”. Women drivers will definitely like this video because women drivers are believed as fearful drivers. This video will definitely change people’s thinking about women drivers. This is 12 funny commercial in the series of funny commercials on this blog. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. Visit for more-  Watch Funny Commercial

Watch how to remove fringe from photographs

With the help of video tutorial available below, people can easily learn to remove fringe from their photographs with Photoshop. Many times, fringe problems make it difficult to mask and can cause great difficulty in getting a desired look. People can learn how to remove fringe from their photographs with Photoshop software by watching this video. This video is a part of popular Russell Brown show on photography.

Using Google videos for Office/Business use

Google is presently, promoting its video service for organisations, with the help of this service, it will become very easy for many organisations to share their official and training videos internally among employees of organisation. People can sign up for this service by visiting and choose between free and paid service. The main feature of this service is that it provides a freedom to communicate through videos with all members of organisations without leaking videos to outer world. With the help of official video available below, people can easily learn more about this service and its benefits. Also visit- Read about iphone and iphone 3G Review- Google Browser Chrome Can we see 50% decreases in price of iphone 3G in India?

Can we see 50% decreases in price of iphone 3G in India?

Well answer is yes and we can hope to see major cut in the prices of iphone 3G launched in India recently. Iphone 3G 8 GB and 16 GB models are available in India for price of Rs 31000 (appx $ 800) and Rs 36500 (appx $ 900). Whereas Iphone 3G is available around the world at much cheaper price ranging from free to $ 200 with different mobile usage plans. Today, any person in India can easily buy a good laptop by paying RS 30000, therefore, iphone 3G at this price is not a good deal. However, still there are many rich people in India who can afford to buy iphone at this price and they will definitely like to use iphone as status symbol. Now, biggest worry for most of the iphone sellers in India will be that number of people who can afford iphone at this price is very limited. Therefore, within few months there are possibilities of significant decrease in the sale of iphone in India. Second, there are good chances that gray markets will be flooded with cheap iphone handsets smuggled from

Review- Google Browser Chrome

I just downloaded Google’s latest web browser Chrome and it is really fun to use it. My first impression about this web browser is very positive because it is very easy and simple to use this web browser. Speed wise also Chrome web browser is much faster than other web browsers available online. I did not get any problem while opening multiple tabs, though downloading speed at few tabs got slowed down, which is an acceptable thing and can be caused by internet speed. The other major advantage of Google web browser chrome is that people can easily bookmark web address from address bar and use address bar as search engine. Moreover, Google Chrome provides people multiple options to create new application shortcuts and option of showing or hiding various features. Therefore, we can say Google Chrome provide a more control in the hands of people to manage their web browser. Now, people are also not required to remember lengthy names of websites because address bar will work as search engin

Google browser chrome is available for download

Google browser chrome is available for download and people can download this much awaited web browser of Google by visiting link provided below. This beta version of Google browser Chrome is introduced to people for usage today. Already, this web browser is able to create lot of noise in market; therefore, chances of success of this web browser are very high. Google has lots of things available say in the praise of this web browser like this browser will not crash while opening multiple web pages, provide high speed web download, will be more safe etc. Everything will be clear about this Google product when people will start using it. So far, people can download this web browser by visiting link available below. Download Google Chrome Also visit- Review- Google Browser Chrome

Where we can download Google Chrome

Google Chrome is available for download, visit the link provided below for downloading it. It looks that Google is all set to make people more dependent on its services because today Google is going to launch Google’s much awaited web browser “Google Chrome”. Chrome will be available for download to billions of people across 100 nations. This will be beta launch of Google Chrome and people can download it from google’s official blog- “”. With this launch Google will definitely present a new challenge to Microsoft which presently has major control over web browsers market. According to Google, their web browser is safer, faster and user friendly as compared to other web browsers available online. People can learn more about “Google Chrome” by visiting this Cartoon Presentation of Google Chrome . From presentation, it looks that Google’s web browser can be next big revolution in online world, however, so far we need to wait for few more days to get people’s respons