Indian Rupee becoming weak againt dollar

Last year when rupee touched 38 rupees mark against dollar then very few people has these hopes that rupee will again become weak against dollar in near future. However, recent decline in growth of various sectors and poor performance by leading Indian companies have put dollar in the stable state. Two day back rupee touched 45.57/58 rupee mark which is the weakest show of rupee against dollar in last two years.

Presently, many experts believe that Rupee can see more weakening because there are no signs of any recovery from any major sector. Though, other experts also believe that this is a temporary phenomenon and rupee will regain its stable position against dollar once Indian major sectors starts showing growth again. Overall, dollar has registered a growth against most of world major currency; therefore, Indian rupee is not an exception. Below, people can also watch NDTV’s report on recent decline in rupee against dollar.

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