Blogging success story from India

Today, Blogging has emerged has good tool for earning lot of money in front of many Indians. Only people are required to have some skills which they can market through their blog. There are few bloggers like Amit Aggerwal of in India, who are earning lakhs of rupees per month. I will not definitely undermine this potential of blogging because I have seen blogging working for me.

Though, I do not earn lakhs of rupees per month but I am happy with my good thousand odd rupees, I earn from blogging. Main thing which makes blogging a rewarding career opportunity in India is option of getting paid in dollars. 95% of the advertiser available online pay in dollar, therefore, by earning few hundred dollars anyone can earn few thousand rupees in India. Any blogger can make initial target of $1000 (Appx Rs 45000) by maintaining few good blogs.

Though, everything is not just that simple, blogger are required to sell themselves hard online and it takes few years at least one year before making any good start. If bloggers succeed in selling themselves well then definitely, they can succeed in earning lots of money also. Below, people can watch CNN IBN report about Amit Aggawral and how he works with his blog.

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