Controversial statement of jaya Bachan

When it starts looking that UP/Bihar Vs Maharashtra fight is losing its importance then suddenly, a new controversy changes the whole picture. Recently, during music launch of Abhishek Bachan’s forthcoming film “Drona”, Jaya Bachan made a controversial statement which can further fuel this controversy. Jaya told to people that she will speak in Hindi because she belongs to UP and people of Maharashtra can forgive her. This is really unwanted statement from respected MP and big film personality. Already, people on both sides have suffered lot due to this controversy created by few big leaders for their own benefits. We can hope that Respected Jayaji will not made similar statements again and fuel further tension.


  1. are there no beggers in maharastra?.
    no poverty?

    no other important problems?.

    rubbish people of rubbish politicians...use your brains...just becos someone spits at the sky it wont be tainted....similarly nothing can touch the maharastra pride...

    as an outsider it looks to me like the shiv sena is trying its best to hold to public attention using senselss topics ....morons!

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