Asif Ali Zardari as new President of Pakistan

It is really hard to believe that today, Asif Ali Zardari is new president of Pakistan. Just more than a year back, Zardari was even not allowed to enter Pakistan; however, sudden death of his wife and popular Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto turned fortunes in his favour and put him in lime light. After the death of his wife, he emerged as very strong leader in Pakistani politics.

Therefore, he tried to test his popularity by fighting for presidential election. He definitely succeeded in this test by huge margin as he secured 482 votes in his favour out of total 702 votes cast. Therefore, we can say that Zardari held a good support for his candidature. Earlier, there were expectations that fight for President post will become tougher for Zardari after Nawas Sharif withdrawing support from ruling alliance.

With this win, Zardari has definitely emerged as strongest civilian leader in Pakistan. He is 14th President of Pakistan. Hopefully, people of Pakistan will get benefited from his victory and we will be able to see progress in this terrorism affected country. Below, people can also watch Reuters report on his win.

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