Review Movie “Wall-E”

Pixar has done it again and we have one more good presentation from them in the form of Wall E. Wall E is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton (who also directed Finding Nemo). Wall E is story of a robot who is assigned job to clean polluted earth left by humans. He is present on earth alone with his cockroach friend.

Wall E continues to do his cleaning job for hundreds of years in the hope that humans will return back to earth one day. One day, he suddenly met with a new advanced robot Eve and fall in love with her. In recent times, we are seeing many excellent animation films being made which are no way less than general movies. After Ratatouille Wall E is another presentation in animation films which people will love to watch.

It is really very enjoyable experience to watch this film and this film makes us to believe on innocent character of Wall E. Wall E has shown a great performance in this film which even many real actors fails to give in movies, though this is only a work of animation. In human world everyone fall in love and also do robots made by them like Wall E. Wall E is a great animation film produced and good presentation work, though Ratatouille was slightly better than it.

There is also one more problem with this film that it look more children oriented film than made for adult audience. Despite some negative points, I liked this film very much specially Wall E. People can watch this film for falling in love with WALL E and his outer space adventure of saving humans.

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