How healthy is John McCain?

US Presidential elections looks to be fought on every ground, therefore, we are seeing lot of personal attacks being made on opponents to increase popularity. First, it was Barak Obama, who was targeted on ethnic grounds and now it is turn of John McCain, who is presently under attack for his poor health. Though, these kinds of approaches are not good for any healthy competition but nobody wants to miss any opportunity of winning US presidential election.

Presently, lot of health practitioners and people are showing concerns about health condition of John McCain. Does he is healthy enough to serve as next president of US? This is question which people are asking. Earlier, McCain was operated for invasive melanoma in 2002 and presently, he is under medication for it. Presently, he is suffering stage 2 of invasive Melanoma. Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes found in skin. It is very rare skin cancer and affects around 60000 people very year in US alone. Moreover, he is also under medication for number of other age related problems.

72 year age of John McCain is also concern for many people who feel that he is little bit over aged. To stop this controversy, McCain also released 1,173 page data of his medical history. Though, still many people think that they want to know much more than this and full medical history of McCain should be made public. Below, people can also watch video report made on McCain’s health condition.

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