Google released Picasa 3

Already large numbers of people on internet are using Google’s Picasa software and website for managing their photographs. For making it further easier for people to add, manage and distribute their photographs Google has released Picasa 3, new version of web photo managing and sharing tool Picasa, which according to Google is easiest version of Picasa 3 to use. Highlights of Picasa 3 will be its strong editing tools which will make it easier for users to fix photographs. With the help of Picasa 3, now people will able to make many improvements in their pictures easily by pressing few buttons and even without having much knowledge of higher photo editing tools. People can easily add texts to their photos crop them and fix minor problems easily with Picasa 3. Picasa 3 will definitely change concept of photo sharing and editing in coming days. Moreover, Google has also added new features like Name Tags and explore for managing and exploring photographs. People can easily learn more about using Picasa 3 and name tags by visiting two video available below. We can hope that Google Picasa 3 will provide more freedom in the hands of people to manage their photographs easily.

About Picasa 3

About adding Name tags-
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