McCain to suspend his campaign

Republican presidential candidate for white house john McCain has decided to suspend his presidential election campaign for few days due to financial crisis in US. McCain has told to media that presently his major concern is bailout of ailing US economy because otherwise US can be in great difficulty on financial front. McCain will go back to work and start doing work for solving this problem. McCain has also called for similar actions from other presidential candidate and his rival Barak Obama.

US presidential elections are only 40 days away; therefore any such move from McCain is going to attract lot of attention. Many people believe that this is a heroic act by McCain which will increase number of his fans. Presently, it is required to be seen that how Obama will react to this decision and what will be his future action plan. Already, there are lot of worries in the mind of people in US about this economical problem which can put US again in recession for long time. Presently, we are required to wait for few more days to see that how people react to this decision of McCain. Below, People can watch John McCain's this statement.

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