Missing Trust among women

There are few things which are very common in women world and one of it is lack of trust among women. There are large numbers of women in this world who find difficulty in trusting other women, while they find it easy to trust a man. On other hand, situation is opposite for most of men, mostly men trust other men more than they trust women. This is also one of the major reasons behind control of men on this world.

Men succeed in most political battles because they succeed in getting support of other men and women, while women only succeed in getting support of men only. Due to this reason, it is difficult for women to emerge as big power in this world. In India, we all have seen failure of 33% quota bill in parliament because women failed in getting support for this bill.

Men know that it is possible for them to control women. However, slowly situations are also changing and women are becoming more oriented towards their own rights. They are becoming more independent. Still lot is required to done in this matter before we can see any uplift in women condition.

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