Watch former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam views on Indo-US Nuclear Deal

There are still many people in India who are confused about Indo-US deal, they do not know that Nuclear deal is in Indian interest or not. All these people can watch these views expressed by Indian former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who is also associated to rocket and nuclear science. According to him, Nuclear deal is in Supreme interest of India and India will benefit lot from this deal.

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  1. Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said rightly that it's not the political issue, but it's the national issue .... now look at our press person who tries to draw whole issue on polotical ground, which is totally wrong....the person is intelligent enough for the benifit of the nation and working in the interest of the nation , why to divert the knowledge of technology to the other side .....i don't understsnd

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