Us to cut 8000 troops in Iraq and increase 4500 troops in Afghanistan

Bush administration has made plans to withdraw around 8000 troops from Iraq by next February. President of America George Bush told this to people during a press conference. This will be a small relief to people of Iraq who are asking for immediate withdrawal of all America forces from their land. Even after this cut, there will still remain 1.38 Lakh American soldiers in US; therefore, cut of 8000 soldiers will not be a give deal for people of Iraq.

Bush told that he is making this reduction because he is seeing improvement in Iraq. While on the other hand, Bush also expressed in his interest of increasing 4500 troops in Afghanistan because of increase in violence there. Presently, Bush is under lot of criticism for his role in Iraq from Iraqis and people of whole world. Below, people can also watch Reuters report on this withdrawal.

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