Does mission BAD is complete?

Yesterday, terrorists targeted Indian capital New Delhi by exploding 5 bombs at various crowded places. 20 people died in these blasts and more than 100 got injured in these blasts. This incidence again shocked whole of India which has recently suffered major blasts in Ahmadabad and Bangalore cities.

Bomb Blasts in Delhi have again put focus on mission BAD of Terrorists i.e. to do blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and New Delhi. Intelligence agencies got knowledge of mission BAD of terrorists just after Bangalore blasts. However, before intelligence agencies could have done anything to stop this mission, series of bomb blast went off in Ahmedabad city killing 45 people and injuring around 100 people.

At that time, there were apprehensions shown by agencies that Delhi could be next target of terrorists soon, which become clear yesterday when terrorists planted 9 bombs at different place in capital Delhi out of which 5 bombs exploded killing 20 people. With this we can say that terrorists have succeeded in completing their well planned mission BAD.

Overall, this is a bad sign for India and failure of Indian security agencies which failed despite having prior information of this threat. In future, we can hope that our security agencies will strengthen their hold to stop these kinds of incidences thus saving lives of many innocent people.

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