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Get a Free Podcast

Today podcast are becoming a very popular way to present the music to the world. Many hit podcast are available around the internet and many people are using them. The other good thing is that many people are having their own podcast. Today there are many sites which offer Free Podcast . People can get the benefit of these sites for their own podcast. is offering free podcast to people who are interested in making their own podcast. Moreover people can easily shift their podcast to this site and get the reward for it.

Finally Shilpa Shetty won Reality show Big Brother

Today every Indian wake up with the good news of Shilpa Shetty winning the reality show “Big Brother”. Indians are familiar with the concept of Big Brother, thanks to a similar reality show in India “Big Boss” which also ended last Saturday with Rahul Roy winning it. However the major amazing event is the victory of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty on British reality show. Shilpa Shetty got overwhelming 67% votes which is very huge support for her in any respect. Shipa Shetty was the only Indian contestant in this show; therefore initially her chances were rated very low by most of the people. This show also presents in front of us the increasing popularity of the India aboard . Today Indians are looked with more respect by the world community than few years back. This shows also remained somewhat controversial with few remarks on the Shilpa Shetty which have tone of racism in it. The amazing thing is that whole world come in the support of Shilpa Shetty and everyone condemned any racism

Become your own Boss

We all want to earn money for our self because money provides a lot of freedom to all of us. Money has helped many people in fulfilling their lot of dreams. However the biggest problem which people face is about how to get the money for them. Earning money is not a easy task, we can know this fact from the one simple example that why only 10% of the people of the world holes the 90% money of the world. Many people around us are not even to get money for the daily foods and there are other people how have so much money which is even enough to run a whole country. However, today investment options are providing us with an opportunity to increase the value of our money. Today many kinds of investment options are available with us which provide us with an opportunity to increase our money. On of such option is NetworthUSA. People can visit this site to get the more knowledge about this whole plan. They are giving guarantee to people to earn some extra cash which can help them in fulfilling

Getting best of vacations

Vacations are a great increasing trend around India. Moreover Indians are coming out of their homes to enjoy vacations worldwide. This is the first time that Indian market is seeing this big demand for vacations packages. Many players have entered into the market to capture this growing demand. Many states in India have also come forwards to get the benefit from this opportunity. Everyone is aware with the example of the state of Kerala which has established better place among the top tourist states in India. Other states in India are also following the example of the Kerala to get the best deal in this growing market. Today everywhere there is a growing trend in tourism every country in the world is looking to get the maximum share in all this. All these factors make tourism industry a very attractive for both the country and people. The advantage for the people is that they are getting the best deals in the form of attractive packages for them. Many offers for the domestic and the in

Only words

We all see around us many talks by the various people, leaders and society; however there are few things out of this which become reality. The major reason behind this is the that most of the words are spoken only for the shake of speaking and the people who are speaking these words never have any solid ground before speaking them. Our leaders tell us many things and visualize many dreams in front of us but they never have any concern attached in these world. We all see many opposition parties making number of claims but when they come in to power them never get time to fulfill these dreams. The major reason behind the failures of India in many fronts is only false talks by our leaders which have given us only talks and no progress.

Great fruit of nature

Nature has many strange thing stored in it. We all can get the help of these things for making our self healthy and strong. There are many fruits available in the world which is very rich in the nutritional ingredients, we all can get the help of these fruits for making our self more strong and healthy. There are many fruits which grow on the hills of Himalaya and are very rich in nutritional values. One of such fruits of the nature available with us is Goji berries. The main thing about the Goji berries is that the antioxidant levels in them many thousands times more then the other fruits available with us. We all know that hilly people are stronger and they have more power to fight with the diseases. All this is only possible due to the intake of healthy natural items like Goji berries. Today it is possible to get the Goji Juice available in the various stores. Moreover we can even order various Goji fruit items for us through the sites dedicated to this fruit. People can easily ord

Making a Happy world

Money has always remained a great matter of debate for many people around the world. Money has caused many good and bad things in this world. Many people are killed and many wars have happened in this world only due to the lust for the money. Money attracts everyone towards itself. Many people around us always remain ready to do any thing for money. Money matters are mostly very crucial and need to taken care properly. Money can make friends and also enemies. The major behind the attraction of the money is that very less holds most of the money in this world. 10% of the people of the world are holding 90% of the money of the world. These all things lead to dissatisfaction and crime in the world. To make this world more happy place to live we need to change money distribution system and more people should be allowed to have it.

Increasing Tourism Trend in India

Today India is very big jump in tourism industry. Not only the people from other nations are traveling India but also India home tourists are becoming major attraction for the people of other nations. Indian people want to enjoy their travels around the world. Many Indians are choosing for the worlds best tourist destinations like caribbean vacation. Few years back it was a very difficult task to think all this. Recent growth in India has increased the life people here and therefore they all can easily afford to go for any part of the world. Today there will be hardly any place in the world which is away from the rich of the Indians. All this shows a great sign of progress for India and more future for tourism industry here.

On Republic Day

Wishing Every one very Happy Republic Day Today, we are celebrating Republic Day in India. It is a tradition from the independence of India to celebrate this day. Huge parades of armed forces are carried in almost every part of the country. More or less this day is celebrated with full colors and enthusiasm. Other countries of the world also have their republic days and they also celebrate the independence of their nation. To some extent republic days have become more of show off of power only. Countries need to change the concept of Republic days to make it more appealing to the people of present generation. body shop supplies

Now seach engine for eBay

Ebay has today become a big online purchase tool for many buyers who prefer to purchase on the net. With the increase in the awareness and presence of internet around the world, the number of people who use internet for buying is increasing very fast. Internet provides a convenience of buying from the home without the going out. Today we all are living in a world where people have less time and now if they get any thing which can save lot of their time then they will definitely like to use it. Internet provides people with many options to choose from and there are many attractive deals present on the net which also attracts the attention of many. In all this websites like eBay have emerged as great tool for purchasing online. Ebay is a one of the preferred site by many people because wide range of product available in it and that at very premium rates. People also have to participate in various eBay draws and get the things at much cheap price. However the problem is that it is very

Bird watching and Bushnell Binoculars

In India it is very easy to find many bird centauries. People can easily enjoy watching many kinds of migratory birds here. A good quality binoculars like bushnell binoculars are enough to enjoy the beauty of these birds. The main advantage with the use of the binoculars is that we can enjoy the beauty and life of birds without creating any problem to them. Birds are very sensitive and any large kind of movement or disturbance with them can cause lot of problem to them. Therefore it is also advisable to use the binocular whenever we try to watch the birds. Moreover the good binocular helps in getting best out of the bird lives. People should go for the high quality of good company binoculars. The names like bushnell binocular is a good name in its category and people can easily trust this name. Bushnell binoculars are known to have a legacy of providing the valued things and in the best quality. Many people around the world trust this brand for magnifying their lives. With the hel

Hanging fate of Kashmir

Kashmir is long pending and burning issue for last sixty years. India and Pakistan are both able to get the freedom but unfortunately Kashmir is still searching for its freedom. Kashmir may be in the control of India or Pakistan is not able to get its identity. Neither Pakistan have complete Kashmir nor India, in between both the countries people of the Kashmir are suffering. Pakistan’s support to the Kashmiri militants has even created more difficult problems for the people in Kashmir. Both countries only want to control Kashmir due to various strategic reasons but no one thinks about the emotions and aspirations of the people in Kashmir. India can not run from the Kashmir issue by blaming Pakistan because India is also not able to provide the complete justice with the people of Kashmir. Dividing people on the basis of the religion is not a fun any more; the man need of all the human beings of the world is better development. Kashmir also needs the same.

How fair are elections in India?

Election in three states Punjab, Manipur and Uttaranchal are nearing with few days left for these elections. Sixty years back India got freedom the Britain and from then elections are taking place in India with regular interval. However a question mark always remains hanging on the elections carried in the Indian nation. Even after 60 years the elections in India are games of only rich people. It is very difficult for an ordinary citizen of the India to contest a election. In present Punjab election many candidates which got seats are those who provided huge funds to party in the tune of crore. In simple words most of the seats in the Punjab are pushed to rich people . It is not only the story of the Punjab but this is a true fact for all the Indian elections. Today elections have become high-tech with parties going for all the kind of advertising available. All this cost in many crores of rupees , now the question which comes is from where this money will be generated. The answer is

How difficult it to be like a woman?

We say that women are one of the greatest creatures of mankind. There are a lot of songs, stories, literature and poems, which are written in admiration of them. However in reality when we see the actual condition of many women around us that all these things just look as false quotes. A woman plays a very important role in the expansion of mankind; it is difficult for any human to come into this world without the support of her. She feeds us in her womb for nine months and suffers all the pains without showing any sign of regret. She plays a lot of other important roles in our lives without which it is not possible for us to live a happy life. However, still, our behaviors toward women require a substantial change. A woman starts facing discrimination in life from her birth and this whole story continues till her death. Women even after so many years of development of mankind are not able to find any respectable place for themselves. In India every day, we can find many cases i

Why this selfishness?

Most of time we all human being behave as we are only interested in our self and we do not care about the others. This is ordinary situation and mostly faced by all of us at some point in time. To some extent every person is selfish. However many times people even go much beyond in selfishness. We all see many innocent people being killed, tortured or victimized for no reason of their own. Every day in newspapers it is obvious to find a story of women who is burned for dowry. In selfishness, we are making simple relations only views to satisfy our needs. This kind of attitude is not a good for society overall. Why people love themselves and not others?

Now discuss your favourate soaps

Soaps have become a important part of many people around the world. There are much soap around the world running on the various TV channels which are attracting people towards them. Some of the soaps even have the universal appeal and are liked and seen in most of the world. For example The Bold and the Beautiful is successful show around world with many people liking it. Moreover the popularity of the Soap Operas is also increasing for various regional languages also. Today people give same respect to their Soap operas starts as the big to film stars. People also want to know more about their soap stars. They want to discuss their characters in the soaps and roles played by them. For many people these discussions are daily activity and they do not miss any chance to discuss about them. Mostly women make the more number of audience for these shows however man also like and watch them in good number. Keeping all this in mind a new site is launched people can easily discuss ab

New Life for Aishwarya Ria

Aishwarya Ria is a famous heroin of India and also a former Miss world. Many people like her for her extra ordinary beauty. She has giving many hit films in India. She is only heroin in India which has got world fame. She has even worked in few Hollywood movies too and taken party many big shows around the world. Aishwarya Ria name has been attached with many heroes in the past like Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi. Recent announcement of the engagement of the ABHISHAK BACHAN and AISHWARYA RIA have ended all the earlier speculations about the Aishwarya Ria. Now people are busy in speculating about the future of this engagement and how successful will be their marriage. Many people are finding this engagement as not a wise decision and pointing for a failure in future. This is a big problem in Indian mentality because people in India find it very difficult to see a successful women living happy life.

Big Brother and Shilpa Shetty

Big brother is not a much known program in India and up to few days back hardly few people know about it. People got first chance to know about this program with the entry of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty in it. Currently a Similar show known as Big Boss is also live on Indian Television. However the entry of an Indian actress in to a foreign show was good news for the Indians. Latest more hype was seen on this issue with the fight between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty. Jade Goody which got fame through Big brother show and predicted as the strongest member put more controversy when she used some wrong words toward Shilpa Shetty which have tone of racism in it. All this created a worldwide controversy over this issue and whole world supported Shilpa Shetty with voting out Jade Goody . This was really a surprise victory for the Shilpa Shetty which was not believed to the strong contender in this show. Not only Shilpa Shetty got fame with this issue but Big brother is also seeing the highe

Understanding Renal system

Renal system or popularly known as urinary system because formation of urine take place in this system. Moreover the secretion of urine also takes place through this system. This system plays a very important role in our body because it plays many important roles for the body. Some roles are- 1) Maintaining Water Balance 2) Maintaining electrolyte concentration 3) Balancing acid-base levels 4) Removing toxins and waste products from bodyAll these three function are very important for the normal functioning of a body. If of these functions stop working then the whole function of body may come under problem. Kidneys are one of the most important organ of this system and the formation of urine take place through its 1.2 million nephrons (A nephron is the smallest functional unit of the kidney). The one fourth of the blood supply of the resting cardiac output is used by these nephrons. Our kidney filters on average 180 liters of fluid every day, out of which we secret 1

Life is a great joke

Like is a great joke most of the times and for most of people, however the problem is that most of people live this joke very seriously. Life is given to us by God for enjoying and creating fun in life. Whereas we all see lot of sorrow and unhappiness around us, moreover the amazing fact is that most of these sorrows and unhappiness are our own creations or all these are the weak points of society forced on us. We commit most of mistakes in life due to our greed or forced by the society to commit these mistakes. However in all this run, we miss many beautiful moments of the life. Life is full of many exciting things which offer a great enjoyment to all of us. We all have born in this world completely free without any thoughts and desires. A small child only wants to enjoy his life; however we burdened this innocent soul from childhood with lots of expectations and desires. In this way a circle of expectations and desires starts moving in the life of every person. At the end we get an e

Realities behind the Vikas Yatra

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh was very excited with his Vikas yatra across the state. The main reason behind the vikas yatra was to make people of Punjab realize the Vikas (Progress) done in Punjab. To some extent he is able to attract some attention of people through his vikas yatra. However there are many facts which show real condition of the growth in Punjab. First factor is negligible or slow growth of the Punjab as compared to the whole nation or other states. There are many states in the India which have showed growth more then 7% and even Gujrat has showen a double figure growth, whereas Punjab has shown growth rate of only 2-3%, which is no way a good sign for the state of Punjab. Today the major reason behind the growth of other states is the growth of industry; however Punjab Government under CM Capt Amarinder Singh is a total failure in attracting any new industry to Punjab. More over most of the industries in Punjab are either sick or fighting for their surviv

A seed of good work

Internet is today a big happening place around us and therefore many people are trying to exploit this opportunity. Today we can find many interesting information online about earning lot of money. However, the problem is that most of these information are just repeat of some of repeated key world which where used by the people for their success. Most of these things do not provide any solid feedback to the people who read. Moreover today those people are successful who are able to create new ideas. However there is one good blog J.R.'s Seeds For Wealth which is committed towards the growth of all the bloggers. People can find some of the real knowledge on this blog which can help them in giving reality to their dreams. People can easily find many interesting ideas like guest blogging in which we can request some one for blogging our site. In this way we could hope to increase the contents of site and make it richer in terms of the contents. Therefore now our site can create inter

Earning money online

Earning money online has always remained a hot topic among all the net users and why not? Because there will be no one in this world who do not want earn huge money on his online computer while seating in his bed. All this looks a very realistic and attractive thing and too many peoples surprise all this happening around us. There are many web owners in between us who are earning money in the tune of millions of dollars. Even there are some simple bloggers who are today among some of the top online earners. In recent few years online earning has taken a real shape with the help of various programs like adsense, affiliate programs and many more. Only a high traffic website is required and every thing just comes behind it. Setting up a blog online is very easy thing and many people are using them for making money. For a successful online venture, people require to have proper knowledge about the internet world and website. Slowly and steadily any one can hope to generate a good income fo

Now take care dryness of skin and throat

As the winter season is here therefore many people are facing dry skin and throat. The major reason behind all this a decrease of humidity in the air. Dry skin and throat is almost disliked by every one because they cause lot of uneasiness. To get help from this we mostly run for the skin creams and syrups; however there exist a more unique solution in form of humidifiers. Humidifier can help us removing the main cause of the dry air and making us away from these problems. There are basically two types of humidifier are available. One is warm air humidifier and second is cold air humidifier. Warm air humidifier is suitable for the small room, while cold air humidifier is suitable for a big area. Warm air humidifier are salient whereas cold air humidifier cause lot of noise, however latest cold air humidifiers are not producing much noise. There are lot of Desirable Features of humidifier which can help us in long run. People have the option of choosing their own features which su

Power of innovations

World is full of many innovations; however the problem is that many innovations are still restricted to few individuals of the world. These innovations have the power to change the life of people around us but they are not available to the ordinary man. For example telephone was considered to a big thing in India few years back and it was only possible for the rich people to afford it. There are many villages in India where there was not a single telephone connection. However with the entry of private players and mobile phones, telephone has become accessible to each individual and each village. Like this computer and internet can also create the same thing for India. However still both of them are quite expensive and need more price reduction for becoming available to masses of India.

Helpful Innovations

We all want to run our business well. There is hardly any person in this world that is ready for the updating of better things for his business. There are many examples of successful businessman around us, who are successful today only due to innovation used by them in their business. Innovations play a major in the success of the business. One of the big innovations for the business world is use of IT. People can use IT value management software for increasing the productivity of their business. One of such software is provided by Acorn Systems, which works are software and also as the consultant. This is a unique advantage of their system which provides a complete and accurate help to the business. Today many business which are successful are only due to the use of some these great innovations.

Do we all have time to think about our rights?

Most of us are busy people and mostly remained surrounded our own problems are worries. The main effect of all this is that we all do not enough time for using or knowing about our rights. Some rights are our basic rights because we are human and there are other rights which are given to us by our nation. However the apathy is that we are not able to both. We see many human rights violations around us, these are nothing but the violation of rights as human being. These violations happen with many people and may happen with us one day. We all are citizen of this nation still there are many things happens around us which threaten our right as a citizen of our nation. We may be thrown out of our homes and villages by some powerful people or governments. We all can fight against this injustice and get our rights back and moreover help others in getting their rights back. In this way we all could hope to make a strong nation for all of us.

Welcome to a new electronic world

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Some basic questions

The question which comes in front of us is that what the rights of the people of singur are?Is it justified to take the land from innocent farmers and give it to the industrialists? For example it we take this thing on our self like if we are living in a place for years together and someday some one says us to leave from there then how we will feel like. When there is so much waste land is present in our country then why governments are allotting lands of farmers. Farmer community has given lot to our country and we all not forget about their sacrifices. It is a very difficult task to think of India with out our farmers; however the tragedy is that we are not only forgetting our farmers but also making them home less. We all agree that industrial growth is important but it should not be done on the cost of our farmers. Today we may not be dependent on our farmers and we may need car more than the food items but still India can not afford to lose its farmers which has major role in its

Why I do not understand the life?

Life is a great journey which is full of many unknown strange things. There are many people who try to solve the equations of the life but no one in this world is able to provide the complete answer to these questions. The one of the big example are our religions which tried to give answer about the real power. However if we put all the religions on same point even then we do not have any complete solutions. There are many philosophers who also gave their views on solving these problems but up to present there is no solution available with us. Now if all these intelligent people are not able to solve the theory of life then how I can think of understanding life. Really a strange life.

In the help of Singur people

Recently Singur a small town in West Bengal was in news for the seizing of the land from the people. West Bengal government was seizing this farm land for giving it to the TATA’s for making their new small car plant. Singur is just 50 KM away from the West Bengal capital of Kolkata. Many social activities came in the support of the agitating people who do not want to surrender their land to government. Many news channels also gave lot of hype to this issue and this issue also got some political look with Trinamool congress president Ms Mamata Banerjee going for the fast. However the main question gets side lined in all this that how justified it is to grab land from the innocent and poor farmers. Why governments are not allotting lands which are not inhibited by the people? Most of the people who got displaced from a there lands, get it very difficult to adjust in the other place and most of time run in to major problems. Therefore these situations create lot of Human right violations.

Getting a free cell phone

Today cell phones have become an important part of our life and it is very difficult for us to think life with out them. Cell phones have provides us with the freedom of mobility, with this feature we have the option of carrying our cell phone anywhere in the world and making and receiving phone calls there. Moreover the prices of the cell phones and call rates have decreased in the previous few years making it possible for more people to have their own cell phones. Today the competition has gone so higher that it is possible to get Free cell phones. Today there are many schemes available in the market which offers free cell phones to the people. Many leading cellular companies like verizon, cingular, T-mobile, sprint and NEXTAL are offering attractive packages to the people where the cost of the cell phone comes out to be zero. The mobile phones offered are leading brands like MOTORAZAR, LGCU500, SONY W810iand pearl blackberry etc. First time all this looks impossible to believe,

Making Home more secure

Home security is becoming a major concern for all the people around the world because of the increasing thefts. Present world is seeing a increase in the number of average thefts because increase in the number of unemployment, poorness and due to various other reasons. Therefore people have no option but to take the extra care for their homes. The best way to make the home safe is install the home security systems. Home security systems help the house owners to avoid any misshaping with him and his home. One of the available home security option is of ADT Home Security Systems , today these systems are one of the most trusted brands. The other advantage is that these systems work as both burglar and firm alarm, therefore safety from both. They also provide monetary guarantee to some extent. The advantage of the ADT system is that it directly informs the police about any trouble in the home. Therefore provide a secure atmosphere to the people living in the home.

Who is more wrong?

Yesterday we all saw a display of bad mentality on the Youtube videos which were shown on the two Indian news channels. According them there are four videos made by some one to disrespect the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. All these videos show us that how low people can go for disrespecting some one. Mahatma Gandhi has always remained on the hit list of many people who do not like his way of working. These are the reason for his murder. However the second question is that how right it was to show these videos on the TV. If some one has done some thing wrong then we should not encourage him by highlighting his doing. These both TV channels showed these images for very long time, which clearly shows a more disrespect then the person who uploaded these videos on the net.

Help on restaurant loans

We all know that running a restaurant business with out money is very difficult task. We may need money at time to avoid the difficulties to regain control on the business. In front of us, there are many options available like getting loans from banks, private lenders, financial intuitions and other firms. Today getting loans from the banks is not a easy task as it involves very lengthy paper works and interest rates are high. Private lenders are also not good option due to high interest rates. Therefore all of us need a solution for the loan needs like Restaurant Loans . To meet all these requirements, we can get help from AdvanceRestaurantFinance or ARF . They people provide with lot of help in getting the best loans and that two at much cheaper interests. They are also providing many solutions to meet the needs of the people like equipment leasing.

Now learning for every one

Education has always remained major input for the growth of the employees. Therefore it becomes necessary to provide the people with the necessary information. Many companies around the world use various kind of Learning Management System (or LMS) system to provide the necessary education. Today in the era of internet and computers it is possible to educate the employees with the help of e-learning solution. Therefore most of the LMS systems today used are web based. The main purpose of these software solutions is providing the necessary information to the employ at any time and any where. The learners may be residing in part of the world; they can easily get the required information by using these systems. Therefore with the help of these system companies get the control on the demand of constant education of the people. Moreover these systems are mostly interest creating and provide lot of help to the employees or learners. Mostly big companies have their own LMS systems; however

New strategy by Akali Dal

Akali Dal in Punjab has adopted the strategy of its alliance partner BJP to impress the business class. The Punjab election is hardly a month away, therefore both the main parties Akali Dal and Congress are trying their best to woo the voters. Leaders from both the parties are attending local meeting and asking the local people to vote for them. Hoardings are already a common story and can be seen around the highway, on crowded roads and on the high raised establishments. Akali's and Congress both are using the print media to announce and appeal to voters with their agenda's. Print media holds a very dominating position in Punjab and there it is very difficult to neglect it. Many single page ads can be found on the daily news papers in all the languages. Akali Dal is promising in its ads to provide more suitable business environment to the businessman of the Punjab. Recent few years the industrial growth in Punjab has seen a significant decline with many companies opting for th

Swami's help for Yoga and Ayurveda

Swami Ram dev has become a great topic of discussion among many people for his love for Yoga and Ayurveda. Swami Ram is able to give a direction and identity to yoga and ayurveda which no earlier was able to do. Some of the saints tried to educate people about the benefits of the yoga and ayurveda but they reach was very restrictive. However Swami Ram Dev was able to take both these know secrets to every single person of the India. Though both ayurveda and yoga have originated in India but still many people here were away from the benefits of them. Both yoga and ayurveda are of hold great possibilities in them if they are given proper chance. In last few years these ancients secrets have remain neglected by the people and government. Both yoga and ayurveda are very effective in treating many illness of modern time; therefore it becomes foolishness to not use them.

From inside

Sometimes it becomes difficult in life that we are living life or life is using us because we become so helpless at some situations that we find everything in life out of our control. We only find our self as the puppets, who are moved by some one else. These kind of situations are very common around us and many people suffer from these kind of problems. Moreover the problem is that these kind of problems offer lot of mental tension and low feeling in us. We all are still restricted by the many laws and situations around. We are free people only for name; however we are living under many-many restrictions. These restrictions may be from our governments, family, society or religions. To some extent all these things only make us victim of others motives. People around us are only using us to complete their dreams.

Making a website

Today we all are again seeing an increase in the popularity and usability of the websites. The craze is so happy that many people are coming up with their own websites. In present world websites are playing a major role in giving identity to the dreams of many people around us. The other advantage of websites is that they provide us with a ideal solution to interact with the whole world. In the internet world, there are no separations related to the boundary or division. We all are same in this world and equal opportunity to make our own world of websites. Earlier making a good website was considered to the work of experts, however with the innovation the technology the things have changed widely and it has become very easy to make and run a website. The first thing required for the website is a design of template which gives the look our site; second we require some content which can convey the visitors the usage of site. Today it is very easy to find many free templates and designs

Changing Civil Engineering trends in India

In recent few years, India is seeing a big boom in the real estate. Many sky high buildings, world class roads and bridges are coming up every where. Some of the constructions are so amazing that it looks impossible to believe on them. Today we can find many buildings with world class architecture in India. All this has become possible due to the many Indian and MNC Civil Engineering Firms which are working very hard to make all this possible. With this the civil engineers are again in demand in India and many new entrants in engineering colleges are also opting for civil engineering career. Earlier civil engineering was considered to be the not suitable career because of the large control of the government on the construction projects. Today with opening up of real estate for private and international players, we are getting these big changes in the market and could hope to see many more changes in coming months.

LIC various private players

LIC is a big name when we talk about the life insurance sector. Few years back it was only the insurance company it India which was offering life insurance cover to Indians. The major reason behind the success of LIC is pushing and support from the Indian government. Indian government guarantee people for the money return from the LIC. Therefore many people opted for the LIC plans with the surety of the returns. Moreover Indian government also allowed tax reduction for people opting for the life insurance policies. Today we are living in a open insurance sector where many private and multinational companies are also fighting to get there share from the LIC. Today we can see ads from the number of players running around us on the various media. Private players are offering new and different policies with the better returns to the people. These huge offers and big number of private players are able to make some dent in the market share of the LIC, still LIC is a very big player with more

Get the best nutritional fruit of nature

Health is a major concern for all of us and therefore we all try our best to maintain our health. The major reason behind it is that no on earth can think of enjoying life with out a good health. Good health is a big power in the hands of a person which allows him to enjoy all the beauties of the life. The major input which our body requires for the better health is nutritious diet. The nutritious diet is like an ideal fuel for effectively running our body. From the ancient times people are using different natural ingredient to get these required nutrition. Mostly it was found that the fruits which are grown at higher altitude in the hills are mostly rich in vital vitamins. One of such healthy fruit is Goji Berries. This is very nutritious fruit found in the hills of Tibetan and Mongolian Himalayas. We mostly see hilly people very effective and active and they rarely suffer from any disease, the main two reasons behind all this are clean air and nutritional fruits like Goji Berries. Go

Now send money from Paypal to a bank account in India

Many people in India who use paypal for receiving money from various works online; always have a problem in sending money back to India. Currently people living in India can withdraw money from their paypal account into a US bank account or through check. Getting a US bank account is not an easy task for a person living in India, therefore only option of check remains with him. However the problem is that check takes 20 to 30 days to reach India and some times chances of fraud also remain alive for the users. Therefore I am sharing with the people an option through which they can easily send money directly into their bank account in India and all this only takes two to three days. I am talking about; in India they have collaboration with Punjab National bank to send money. For average paypal users it is an easy way to get money in India from their paypal account and people can send money from $25 to $1000 directly into their accounts in India. For sending $ 500 to an Indian b

Living Life simply

Living Life simply This is an art of living a happy and peaceful life; however it is missed by many of us. The main advantage of living simple life is that provides us opportunity to relate with our self and become wiser in relations. It is not possible for us to relate with other if we do not know our self. This art is very much famous in India and followed by leaders and saints in past. However the problem is that today generation is missing this simple concept due to fast life. People are just running to meet their daily requirement and if they are met they run for acquiring more and more. In this way, we Indians are missing a gold lesson told by our ancestors. A person who lives simple life has to never under go through stress and tension, which are today’s biggest problems. Needs are unlimited and it is not possible to fulfill all the needs, therefore the chances of unhappiness and sorrow always remain around us in the form of unfulfilled desires. Moreover these unfulfilled desire

Some great offers for Indian bloggers

As I told you in my previous post ( Average Indian can Earn Rupees 10000/month from blogging ) that blogging holds a great potential for Indians. Not only Indian bloggers can earn money from foreign sites but they can also now earn from some of the Indian sites like and Both these sites are offering bonus and reward to their top bloggers. People are only required to blog and see the results. has even announced rewards of more than worth 1.5 cores to its top bloggers. The single top bloggers from this site could hope to earn rupees 6 lakhs worth of prices. This is really a great opportunity for Indian bloggers to earn money from blogging. Moreover all these things also show the acceptance of blogging in India.

Average Indian can Earn Rupees 10000/month from blogging

Blogging is a not a new concept to India and many people in India from different age groups are already engaged in blogging for different reasons. Blogs are becoming a big force in the internet world with their increasing popularity. Therefore many advertisers are trying to use this vast platform of blogs to promote their products. This thing is creating a big earning opportunity for the blogger and especially for the blogger from the India. Though, there are many Indian Bloggers who are already using some of these methods to earn money with their blogs, however a real revolution is still faraway. These methods of earning money with blogs are already very popular in the Weston countries and there are many bloggers who are earning more than $10000 per month. Blogging is still an easy platform to start an online business and start earning commissions. Today, there are available many free blogging sites like, and, which allow bloggers to open a fr

A debate on betting

Around the world people have different views about betting, however betting is a trend in almost all parts of the world. Some believe them as right and some them as wrong. Every individual has its own view on betting. In views betting could be a fun for people who do it in a controlled manner and are not addicted to it. For example in India cricket is a very famous game and many bet about the result of the games. In India many people can be found doing cricket betting. As par the estimates there are bets of worth millions of dollars are placed on the teams. In general there is no problem in betting, but the problem starts when people who organize the bets try to alter the result of the game. Few years back we all aware of the incident of taking money by the most of the Indian players to change the result of the game. To avoid involvement in these big rackets people can use betting sites which allow them to bet on the game and do not influence the game either. However one thing is caut

How right was Saddam Hussein’s execution?

I am not trying to create a controversy but I am only want to create a debate on the whole issue of execution of Saddam Hussein. I want to ask that was it the right way adopted for the execution of Saddam Hussein . We may agree that he had committed great crimes against the civilization. However I have few more points to raise that Why Amnesty has to condemn this hanging and whole procedure of trail adopted against Saddam Hussein, because there are lot of questions which remained unheard and a lot of hurry is shown by the US-aided government to hang the Saddam Hussein. At present Saddam Hussein was in the state of helpless and therefore it was not necessary to hang him and life imprisonment was enough to realize him of his crimes. Saddam Hussein hanging has created a big set back to the reconciliation drive in the Iraq. Today with this execution the divide between Shia and Sunni communities of Iraq has become wider and may effects any efforts of Iraq’s reconstruction. Moreover this han

Stock options for Indians

Today stock market is a one of the most suitable investment for many Indian investors. All this has become possible only due to the good performance shown by the Indian industries and their listed stock. Overall there are many optimisms are related with the further rise in market. Due to this Indian stock market is making place in the world top markets and returns. Today Indian investors have many stock option available for them the previous investors. Most of the stocks are performing well and people could hope to earn good returns by investing in the good shares of industries like IT, real estate and banks etc provide a good option to the people. With the entry of large of mutual fund players, Indian stock market has further become bounced and provides a good hope return to its investors. Today’s Indians could hope to get good returns from stock market by investing wisely. Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market)

What is next for Iraq?

It is a difficult question to answer that now what is next for Iraq after the execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Saddam was hanged few days back in Iraq in a strange hurry which could make the situations in Iraq worst in coming years. The other strange thing is the America’s response over his hanging. The claim of victory by Mr Bush over the hanging of a helpless person seriously shows a lack of direction at US top. Moreover this incident makes America role more suspicious in formation of a new Iraq. Many people in Iraq believe that they were finer in Saddam Hussein rule than in this new regime controlled by America. Even Amnesty has condemned this hanging. Overall most of the world and Iraqi people were in the favor of giving pardon to Saddam Hussein. Present Iraqi governments needs more time to give any verdict on this issue. This hurry of hanging Saddam Hussein by US and Iraqi government could create more problems in Iraq and the world overall. It will not be a sur

A shock

We all are aware of the Noida issue, where remain of human body found in the gutter near a house. So far police claim to find the Skelton parts of 34 children and one adult woman. This is really a shameful story for all India and it should make to thing why a person and his servant were killing so many innocent children in front of eyes. The whole episode shows the negligence on the part of Noida Police. Moreover we could get more people connected with this whole episode. Currently police is going to conduct the Norco analysis test of both the accused. Lets hope to see the truth coming out of it and no more such kind of episodes happens in the near future.

Some Popular Announcements

With the announcement of dates of Punjab Elections, the fight between both Congress and Akali Dal has intensified to get the power in Punjab. Recently Akali found its popularity decreasing due to the corruption cases started against them. Read more on this Some points which may effect the Future of Akali Dal Dated 24/12/2006 . To control this disadvantage and to again become popular Akali Dal announced few incentives to the poor and ordinary people of the Punjab. We all know that increasing prices of food stuff is a major concern for all the people in Punjab. Therefore Akali Dal decided to gain the confidence of poor and ordinary people by announcing that if they come to power then they will provide poor people Rs 4/kg wheat floor and Rs 20/kg pulses which are currently selling at price of Rs 15/kg and Rs 50/kg respectively in the market. With this Akali Dal has hit the right track as many people in Punjab are worried with the rising prices of the food items. Presently AKali Dal is try

Thick Fog covers Northern India in the New Year

Northern part of Indian today welcomed New Years with thick fog. In some areas the fog is so dense that people are not able to see beyond 2 feet. In the last few years fog has become a fashion in northern part of India. Every year fog is becoming visible in the winter season when temperature dips in this area. The main problem with the fog is that it totally disturbs the life of people. Airline industry becomes the major victim of it, as it become impossible to operate flights. Many national and international flights are already disturbed in the first day and we could hope to get more problems in it in next few days. Not only has this fog already started taking the life of many innocent people in the road accidents. With in two days many people across northern India have already become victim of it. However the major concern is that Indian government is not taking any serious measures to go deep behind its occurrence. Indian government and people of India have accepted Fog as daily aff

Finally the dates for Punjab Election are declared

Finally the dates for Punjab Election are being declared along with the dates for Manipur and Uttaranchal. The election for Punjab assembly will held on 13 February. On 13th Feb election will take for all the 117 constituencies. Out of the 117 constituencies 29 are reserved for the scheduled castes as per constitution of India. With this, now the speculations about the new Punjab state government have started entering into the minds of people. This time the Punjab election is missing real issues and both the parties are only trying to malign the other party by highlighting their failures. This is a real shameful condition for rich and politically vibrant state of Punjab. In the earlier article Punjab Election one sided story Dated 28/10/2006 , I have highlighted this issue. This time both the parties Congress and Akali Dal do not have real issues and therefore fighting these election on small issues, big rallies and posters. People of Punjab are also not much interested in the election