Now send money from Paypal to a bank account in India

Many people in India who use paypal for receiving money from various works online; always have a problem in sending money back to India. Currently people living in India can withdraw money from their paypal account into a US bank account or through check. Getting a US bank account is not an easy task for a person living in India, therefore only option of check remains with him. However the problem is that check takes 20 to 30 days to reach India and some times chances of fraud also remain alive for the users. Therefore I am sharing with the people an option through which they can easily send money directly into their bank account in India and all this only takes two to three days. I am talking about; in India they have collaboration with Punjab National bank to send money. For average paypal users it is an easy way to get money in India from their paypal account and people can send money from $25 to $1000 directly into their accounts in India. For sending $ 500 to an Indian bank account it costs only $ 8 which is $ 3 more than the few charged by paypal for making check.

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